Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bad Cooking Mama

It started with frozen fresh spinach in the garage refrigerator.  It got too cold out there and wasn't good for salads anymore.  The only way to use it would be to cook it.  Got to thinking about the Chairman.  Occasionally, when we eat out at a place where you can actually choose a 'side', he'll choose creamed spinach.  So I "Googled" a recipe up and made it.  Some onion.  Some garlic.  A bit of nutmeg.  Salt and pepper.  And a splash of cream.  Voila!  Creamed spinach that looked right dandy.  Put it on the table with our tilapia loins, pasta, and a salad.  Gave each kid a spoonful (since I knew they wouldn't take it themselves).  And made them eat it.  One teaspoonful.  You would have thought I was asking them to eat cowpies.  Gag.  Gross.  Eeeew.  Look at the slime ball on my plate.  Daughter # 2 even had the idea if it falls off her plate onto the table then it is 'dirty' and she can't eat it.  So she keeps pushing her fork that way to see it fall.  I scoop it up back onto her plate.  Now mind you when the kids complain about a meal, I get a bit rumpled.  Testy.  Or just plain mad at the fact I labored over something tasty and nutritious only to be snubbed by the small fry.  This time it went beyond that.  I wasn't mad.  It was funny.  (I might add the Chairman ate enthusiastically!)

So!  After they had the spinach nearly physically jammed down their throat ate their yummy creamed spinach, I asked what they thought would be good for the following night.  In unison, daughter #1 and son #1 decided they wanted to make supper themselves. 

I walked into the kitchen the following night to a tablecloth (which is rarely used around here).  A set table (without anyone complaining they had to do it), and two young people feverishly working in the kitchen with the oven, knives, and other scary things.  I was told to stay out.  And out I stayed.  

When meal time arrived, they took orders from everyone off a menu.  It comprised of beef sandwiches, oven potatoes, Sun Chips (kids gotta have some fun you know), salad, fruit, and a gingersnap.  It was a 'lunchy' supper.  But you know what?  It tasted good.  And they were so proud.  And they made a memory.  

And after the last bite was eaten and the plates cleared, they ran off to play with the Chairman.  And left me with a lot of kitchen to clean.  But it was worth it.  For them.  Especially since they weren't eating creamed spinach.


  1. my kids do this occassionaly....set up the kitchen...fancy...all the different dishes...make menus..then invite who ever..hired men, uncle and so on...usually leftovers, few fresh made choices and a huge mess but it is a fun experience and everyone loves it...hard though for me to sit and be waited on!!!

  2. I have many memories of cooking dinner, handing out menus, etc. What fun!

  3. I knew a good story would come from that...awesome memories and that wonderful spinach will probably come back to the table in the future...who knows it might become a tradition that after you serve your spinach the kiddos will cook the next meal...I might have to try that here.

  4. :) Poor kids!! I feel for them!! Although I have never had to eat creamed spinich!!

  5. I have thoroughly enjoyed this spinach thing from afar. I wouldn't have touched it at their age (I don't think I ever had spinach, actually, till I was in my 20's)- but I love it now... any way it comes, in fact.

  6. It reminds me of the time we had to eat creamed cabbage. It was slimy stuff, and there are better ways to eat cabbage, and spinach, than creamed. I wonder what other yucky things you can feed them so they'll make supper?