Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Musings

Well here we go again!  Musings on a Monday.  I so look forward to these chats.  Funny thing is that I never know what will come out.  Hopefully, no deep hidden family secrets.  We did have a visitor last night that was of less-than-desirable reputation.  She must have had a tough life as a lot of teeth are missing.  She wandered through the kitchen last night a bit before bed.

We had a basketball tournament for son #1 this weekend.  I'm going to be painfully honest.  I'm not really interested in reading about other kids' success in whatever sport it is.  So if it is on a blog or FB I just scan over it and move on to the funny our touching parts of the matter.  So I'm sure not all of you are interested in the fact that they made consolation champs.  And that the games were really fun.  So I won't tell you.  Because I'm nice like that.

Another interesting 'hit' to the blog.  This one from Qatar (I had to look it up on the map).  They were searching for and I quote:  "can a company give gifts to its Chairman"?  I'd say yes!  I hope they figured that out after reading this informative blog...

Saturday after the very interesting games (that I won't tell you about), the Chairman and son left to have guy time.  And the two girls were already gone to their grandparents for a sleepover and shopping expedition.  They then went to get the girls and have supper.  I took a long, wonderful nap.  Walked the dog.  Got some groceries.  And then felt very alone.  It was the first time my whole family was at my in-laws without me!  Weird I say.  It sure was nice to snuggle on the sofa when they got all home again.  I worry when the empty nest will start... ugh.

So on our way home from g.m. last night, one child says, 'what's for supper?'.  Supper!  Oh goodness.  I wasn't a bit hungry.  We had chicken, dressing, m. potatoes/gravy, green beans, spinach strawberry salad, and ice cream cones for "lunch".  How in the tarnation could they be hungry?  But they were.  And the unanimous vote (almost) was waffles.  Oh boy.  So I whipped up some batter (thanks to the super-scrumptious freshly ground wheat) and fed the masses my dear family.  Pecans in there for the Chairman.  Plain for the rest.  And they ate them all gone.  Like it was the first meal of the day.

I love cooking.  But don't like being responsible for deciding what the menu will be.  So last night I had the kids sit down and write what they'd like in the near future.  The list was fascinating actually.  And now I have some better ideas.  Like shrimp fettucini.  Meatloaf.  And of course, homemade pizza.

I don't have a toddler, but I saw someone posted an cool idea to keep those little crumb crunchers busy.  Fill up two big bowls or buckets with a some water.  Put ice cubes in one and give them a big slotted spoon to put the ice in one bucket to the next.  It kept one child busy for 45 minutes.  Wish I had thought of that at the time.  I did the big buckets of rice or beans.  And one time I was desperate and filled a big plastic tub with water in the kitchen and plunked a kid in there to play while I made supper.  Keeping those little ankle biters busy is a big job.  I remember.

Happy Monday!


  1. So just how do you find out what they are Googling to end up on your blog? I find that very fascinating, and one way to keep tabs on what hits your blog is getting.

  2. Stalking from MI. has decided it must be time to come out of hiding! I've enjoyed your blog for quite awhile. My husband grew up in your state - from the Pittsville Accola clan! Someday our paths are sure to cross! Linda

  3. ewww. I never wanted to think about empty nest either. But we pretty much took care of that one with 12 and grandkids coming along just 3 years behind our last. Now I have the opposite *problem* HAHA! Just kidding, and not at all serious! We love every minute of it, it's just a different kind of a balancing act of how to get enough grandkid time tucked in there in the middle of our own big & lil' rug-rats :)
    Happy Monday to you, and thanks for your musings!

  4. Did the blondie have crutches? Just wondering...

    And hey- I 'know' that lady up there from MI... well, I know her in-laws! ;)