Friday, March 25, 2011


Lots of you I know personally.  Some I know only by name on the web.  Some of you stumbled upon this site because you were looking for a present for your Chairman or wanted to know how to kill a chicken and the search engine directed you here.  Anyway... stats.  Never liked that class in college, but I find them fascinating today.

p.s.  still can hardly take in the fact why there would be 37,436 views were to the Chairman and company....  that's cRaZy!

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114 views in past 24 hours - 37,436 views in all time

Popular Countries
 United States10807
Satellite Provider12
 South Africa3
 United Kingdom2
 Hong Kong1
 New Zealand1
 Puerto Rico1


  1. Interesting, know where I come from and why. ;-)

  2. hmmm...there are some countries in which you appear to need a marketing manager. Talk to the Chairman!

  3. I show up as "a visitor from Kamloops". Don't remember how I got here but sure glad I did. Wouldn't want to miss a blog post or a Lisi story. Love to read all that you write. If you ever come north of the 49th - I'd be delighted to meet you and yours. MelB named me Snacky cakes or something similar.


  4. Well, we look every day or two, so that brings up your count!! We enjoy it and thanks.

  5. Mine shows up from Hartford,WI.

  6. Wow, impressive. Mine gets less than 20 hits a day, and probably half of them are from myself. :-)

  7. Your site stats will depend on your settings, too. I use WordPress but I prefer to have search engines blocked and sharing settings disconnected. People who know me know where to find it! :)

  8. I'm wondering... noticed your queries about your stats going up. We went out to watch a movie called "The Adjustment Bureau" with our kids on Saturday. In it, "The Chairman" is a faceless individual with omniscient powers. Could it be interest in the movie plot driving your stats up?

  9. interesting thought, amy...i'm just thinking you have broad appeal! i wonder what your profile says..maybe you have alot of interests listed?