Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Musings

This might be so random that your brain gets whiplash.  So hang on for the ride.

Last night at dusk (which happened to be an hour later!  Hooray for time change!), there was lots and lots and lots of honking.  No not cars silly.  Canadian geese heading north!  It makes my heart stir with joy to see the throngs of them.  I did an estimate count of over a thousand before I nearly walked into a tree.  Then I just enjoyed the soft flutter of their wings overhead and the honks.  What are they saying to each other?  "Hey, tell Martin to move on it!"  "Who's going up front next?"  "Can we stop pretty soon?"  "Her wing flap touched mine and it made me slow down!"  I dunno.  But they honk and flap and head north.  Funny thing though is why I'm so happy to see them.  Once they really descend on our area I 'sic' the dog after them.  I've even been known to throw rocks at their heads try to startle them in the water.

Cerulean blue.  Do you know that color?  Google it if you're confused.  It is probably my favorite color and always has been.  I just found a random fact tonight.  Did you know out of the top 50 colors that Crayola produces that it is number 2?  I'm not so unique after all I guess.  But I still love that color.

The ol' blood-thirsty dog got woodchuck #2 yesterday.  I honestly felt bad for the fellow.  But they do make quite a mess of the grass.  Hmmm.  I might have to stop her killing instincts.

So we went to the local sports show this weekend.  I got dressed and all ready to go and the Chairman takes one look at me and says, 'you might be a bit overdressed for this'.  And so I took off my scarf on my neck, put on some boots that were a bit more rough looking and we headed out.  And you know what?  He was right.  The attire was basically jeans with dirty work boots, camo and lots and lots of camo, and Packer sweatshirts.  Funny thing with all that camo.  Doesn't look like that many people when they all blend in together.  And the stands at the shows looked empty.  Couldn't see them up there.  No sireee.  They are in camo!  Just a bunch of faces and hands.  I'm thinking next year if we went I'll wear blaze orange head to toe.  Maybe they'll all show a greater degree of respect to me.  Either that, or at least not aim anything my direction.

Did you know they have an enclosed smoking tent and a trailer place where you can spit your snus?  Only at sports shows I reckon.  I didn't go in to see what was inside.  I promise.

So there were a couple of climbing walls.  Son #1 and Daughter #2 went up as well as their friend S.  Looks fun and scary at the same time.  Then!  We walked by an Army area.  They were doing this thing where if you did (what I heard) 15 push-ups, you get a free gift!  So I encourage son and daughter to do it!  Free!!!  That's right up our alley.  Well as they got started I realized they said 50, not 15.  My bad.  Bad, bad mother.  At one point son #1 gave me a slight glare with a red face.  But he kept on as Mr. Clean-haircut Army Recruiter was encouraging and yelling like it was basic training.  And you know what?  They both did all 50 the the cheers of a crowd around!  And they walked off with a US Army tote and nice flashlight for their very sore arms.  Yesterday, son #1 kept mentioning his sore arms to me just in case I forgot that I'm the one that nudged him to go in and do "15" push-ups.  So very sorry.  Not.

On a more serious note, we are so very concerned for the country of Japan.  For the destruction, loss of homes and lives, and for the unforeseen future.  But thankful for an anchor to keep us from feeling fearful.

Maybe I'll post some pictures.  And then hope that your necks aren't reeling from the utter randomness of this post.

First completed model car!
Almost to the top!
Lots of work!
Drop and do 15... I mean 50!
Friends!  Well actually 3rd cousins!
No clue how much his arms will soon hurt...
 Happy week ahead!


  1. You crack me up... you really do. :) The invisible people in camo. see. I need some of that. It's probably like the Emperor's new clothes. He was in camo but didn't know it. ;)

    And congrats to your kids! I'm glad I wasn't there to be volunteered to do '15' push-ups!

  2. We've got a lot of honking going on around here too, with the Canadian geese hanging out at the ponds in our neighbor hood. They like to leave their mark as they fly over, especially on the windows, siding, and my husband after meeting on Sunday!

  3. I found the brain "whiplashing" quite invigorating.