Friday, March 18, 2011

Birthday (times 4)

A few weeks back I mentioned on this very wonderful blog that we live in an area where there are a lot of good friends to be with.  And it is true.  Someone put a bug in my ear (well not literally) that there was a birthday coming for someone that is quite special.  She's always said she was going to be "29 and holding...", so this was the year!  Why not throw a party!  It just happened to be the week of three other birthdays, so we did a mass invite and attempted to surprise the "29 and holding" lady, but her ears are big and she's the inquisitive type.  

So she wasn't completely surprised.  But the contributions were incredibly tasty.  The conversations were interesting and informative.  The singing was awesome.  And the fellowship sweet.  

So we were nineteen around a few tables.  I wish I could have invited everyone.  Because, well, I like everyone. But this time we tried to limit it to under 20 and manged to do that.  So that is that.  And the birthday candles are now blown out.  And now we have a happy memory to go with it.  


  1. Oh duh- just saw the banner in the one pic! Happy bday! ;)

  2. Looked VERY special! I know you enjoy all the fellowship.