Friday, March 4, 2011

In memory...

There was a funeral today.  To say this lady was special is an understatement.  She was a loyal wife, a nurturing mother, and a very dear friend to more than I could number.  And her time here was brief.

I personally experienced her kindness as a young girl.  We were in the area visiting my uncle and spent time in their home.  She would have been a young lady in her late-20's with two young children.  But what I remember about being in their home is how I felt.  It was a safe place.  The table was spread with lovely dishes, beautiful napkins, and burning candles.  The visits were warm and Spiritual.  Yes, it was a wonderful place to be.

We were not the only beneficiaries of the warm welcome.  Through the years many from many lands have been encouraged and enriched by their hospitality.  Many others knew it was a wonderful place to be.

When my sister-in-law was struggling with her dreadful cancer, this lady facing her own struggle would ask about her.  Caring for others in spite of her own illness.

Now she leaves behind a heritage of joy.  She left four wonderful children who have made good choices.  She left behind her devoted husband.  And those each week she had fellowship with.  But she went on.  To something better.

We are thankful for good examples.  She was a pillar.  She was a light.  I'm thankful to have known her.


  1. Would you be refering to Mrs. Swenson? I wish I would have met her if so. I have heard a lot of great things about her.

  2. I heard about her last night, and then I was reminded of a thought shared at a funeral recently. They mentioned that all that was left was a body, and none of us are going to remember that 'body', just the way that person made us feel. The 'spirit' of that person. It seems that is just so true even with Mrs. S. Her spirit is going to be what will live on.

  3. i was thinking these same thoughts. exactly. you said it all perfectly. wish i could copy and paste to my own space. but, i'll let you say it for me and i felt the exact same way in their home the few times i was also there throughout my life. Just saw her this Fall. She radiated the light. So thankful for precious examples of faith. THanks so much for posting this.

  4. Her death touched us over here, too. She was a great lady. Our thoughts were very much directed that way on Fri. So thankful for people like her.

  5. I didn't know this lady but from all I've read and heard about her...wish I had...