Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thinking on Thursday

Thinking thirty thoughts.  Or less.  Just back from taking daughter #1 for a booster shot.  On a scale of 1-10 her pain threshold is about a -4.  So a shot is the worst. thing. ever.  She didn't say but I could tell she was thinking that it would be right-dandy to just come home and relax after the trauma of the needle.  Well her sweet little self just got checked back into school.

Dogs.  I probably talk about them too much.  Especially to you non-dog people.  But I always feel myself smile when I see the utter happiness Lisi has when I (or we) come home.  Doesn't matter if we've been gone for five minutes, five hours, or five days.  She's just plain happy to see her family again.  I think people should be a bit more like that.  Enthusiasm is contagious.

Made a meal last night that had the word 'casserole' as part of the menu.  I should know better.  Quite frankly, my family doesn't like casseroles of any kind really.  Which is a shame.  Anything gooped up with a soup base with vegetables, meat, and something else mysterious never goes over well.  The Chairman (who I might add is wonderful at giving compliments if they are deserved) ate his meal quietly....  it's funny in hindsight.

If anyone out there likes shopping for clothes and knows my style, size, and budget, I'm all for you picking me up  a new wardrobe something to wear.  I don't enjoy clothes shopping.  At all.

Speaking of clothes, why are socks so expensive?  Two bucks/pair for kids' socks.  And... we seem to be needing new ones around here too often.  Ugh.

Yesterday, I worked all day at the school.  A combined school concert thing.  And I just plain enjoyed it.  Really.  Sometimes field trips and other volunteer 'opportunities' are real clock-watchers for me.  Yesterday was great.  I got to hear good music.  Be around nice kids.  And be busy.  And for some reason it felt kinda fun to actually have a "job" beyond swishing the mop around the kitchen.  Maybe I'm into self-importance.  Or not.

And!  I finally backed up our pictures on a couple USB things.  Was playing Russian Roulette with ours.  Had four years on one of our computers with no back-up at all.  Haven't printed anything off since 2008.  What do you other people do?  I can't decide if I want to invest in printing pictures and stuffing them in books or what.  Hmmmm.  But I think I would like some to look at beyond on a computer screen.

This is certainly enough.  I have two big, pleading brown eyes looking at me wondering when we're going to be heading down the path.  At least it isn't raining!


  1. You know, really I'm a non-dog person even if there are 2 of them that live on this farm. BUT I really do enjoy reading about Lisi tales anyway! Really.
    I did the whole back-up picture thing a couple months ago. I had pretty much everything from 2003 when I first got a digi camera on. Scarey. I have some backed up on CD's, but I bought a external hard drive and used it as I had too many for flash drives or CD's. And when you find someone to shop for you, send them my way too. Ugg.

  2. I recommend CrashPlan. Simple and foolproof.

  3. I don't like to print out every single picture either. At the same time, I would do some major grieving if we lost all my pictures. We also bought an external hard drive to do our backups but we store it in our safe deposit box at the bank between backups. Shopping....ugh. I prefer thrift store shopping as it is more rewarding to find those GREAT deals!! =-)

  4. I'm with you on the shopping thing. Still waiting for my personal shopper to get into gear...