Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Musings

Some dread Mondays.  I just plain like them.  Maybe I like musing.  Or maybe I like being alone for a bit after a busy weekend.

Started the day early.  Like way early.  Like 5 o'clock early.  Suddenly was thinking about a bill I should pay on-line.  Then after I checked that out I thought I might as well check e-mail.  Then looked at my Google reader.  Then FB.  Then perused the news.  Checked out the latest March madness basketball scores (Go Badgers and Marquette!).  And then back to the weather.  Then I realized I might still be tired and crawled in bed for ten minutes until the alarm sounded.  Makes me think of this cartoon... (thanks AB!)

Speaking of sleeping.  In a conversation yesterday, a lady mentioned how she finally went to sleep at 3 the night before (technically, it would be that morning).  Anyhoo.  I was thinking how it is generally women that have sleeping issues.  I hear middle-aged women talk about it often.  Do you ever hear a bunch of old geezers talking about sleep issues?  Really?  I haven't.  Seems men and boys are created to put their heads down on a pillow and 'bam'.  They are gone until morning.  Why is that?  Do we ladies think more?  Feel more?  Worry more?  Or...

We had friends over for dinner yesterday.  I love the feeling of having people around the table. Enjoying the food.  Enjoying each other.  Enjoying life together.  That's about as good as it gets for me.

Did you know wild turkeys can almost outrun a dog?  At least our dog.  Lisi gave chase on Saturday to a huge flock of turkeys.  They ran and ran and ran (looking really stupid all the while).  She almost didn't get them to take flight until she got three of them separated from the main group.  Finally they took off.  And she came back quite exhausted.

Daughter #2 came up to me last week while I was preoccupied.  "Mom, I've changed my mind.  I don't want a walking cast anymore.  I would rather have a casket."  That's nice.....  WHAT?  What did you just say?  "I decided I'd have a lot more fun if I had a casket to play funeral with than to just have a walking cast with my crutches."  Why would you want to play funeral?  "Because it would be fun.  We could do all the funeral stuff.  Is there a way to buy a casket if you aren't dead?".  Oh my.  I told her yes, but I will have to draw the line on that.  Kids!

And!!!  I've been promoted!  You see there's a big all-school choir thingy happening at our school this week.  I was asked to volunteer for it.  But let me tell you and I don't mean to brag or anything, but I'm the "head volunteer" who gets to boss the other volunteers around!  How great is that?  The pay... well... a pay raise of 25% of nothing is still nothing.  I do like the idea of being bossy though...  just ask my mean older brother.

Better get moving on this Monday!  Thanks for the chat!


  1. Oh my--LOTS OF LAUGHS coming from your Monday morning musings here!
    I have that same problem with my computer/e-mail/fb. must be a universal thing.
    And guys sleep issues? they are certainly non existent in THIS household. My guy is lucky if he manages to go TO bed....once he's there he's OUT!

  2. Hahahahah!!! Love the funeral idea! Can't say that my boys have played that yet! :) I don't have sleep issues....well I have 3 little sleep issues, but none of my own! I do realize that I am VERY lucky!!

  3. You're welcome! ;)
    heehee- playing funeral! What a kid!

  4. Tell #2 to use a snow sled. That's what we did when we played "grandpa dead." Can you bring Lisi over to catch my groundhog?