Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Musings

just because I like it... 

Not much to muse about today.  And I hardly want to stretch it out to more than it is.  Namely because you come to read something interesting, not dull.  And actually, dull it has been.  Or maybe I'm dull?  Dunno.

Just back from a long walk at a community park two miles away.  I realized there that we live in a wonderful area. I walked about 4 miles and never encountered anyone save a couple excited crows, a pigeon with wing issues that Lisi gave a good scare to, and a scurrying squirrel.  I love to stop and listen to... nothing.  Just the chirps of birds and the wind.  All this is just 1/2 hour from downtown Milwaukee.  Yes indeed, it is lovely.

This weekend some friends of ours hosted a paintballing afternoon.  The Chairman and son #1 went.  The girls went early to socialize.  And I came later with the 'goods' to eat.  The crowd was mainly boys and teenage men. And I gotta say.  Guys are just... well... great.  They talk about tires and engines and roaring things and doing crazy stuff on skis.  And some of them are just plain funny.  Oh to be a big goof of a teenage guy.  What a riot. I must say I felt (ahem) a bit middle-aged that night.

The Chairman was on a mission yesterday.  He decided the family needs more exercise.  So off we went to a big trail about 15 minutes north of here.  It was a death march long walk.  But beautiful.  A running river ran beside us.  There were downed trees that were great balance beams.  And places to sit and watch the river running by.  It was a very long walk nice.   Had to have a big pile of homemade nachos to recover the calories once we got home again.

Daughter #2 is concerned.  She gets two fillings done tomorrow.  Her first time.  She worries about the numbing stuff.  She worries about the shot and how many.  The dental office suggested we bring an I-pod for her.  But I don't have music loaded and certainly don't want to pay for each song.  Need to go figure out how to get something on it to distract her from the business at hand.

Last night daughter #2 was coughing and coughing and I asked her "did you smoke over at A's house on Friday night when you stayed over?"  Without skipping a beat she said, 'yeah, T. (the dad) went and bought cigarettes for us and we all smoked - even K (the mom).  (If you knew these wonderful and understated people, you'd think this was even funnier.)  Yes daughter #2 comes off as the quiet one in public, but in reality, she's just a nut.

Wish I could write more about daughter #1, but it's hard.  Namely because she's been just her happy-go-lucky self.  Singing at her perfect pitch.  Designing something of clay.  And composing long musical acts for us to watch each evening.  An artist in our midst.  Scares the willies out of me.  Because, well, I'm not artistic.

Privileges are coming later this week!  Like people coming in from afar.  And sharing wonderful messages for us personally.  Yes, we are privileged!

And this my friends is enough musing.  There are gingersnaps to bake, a floor to mop, and snacks to present for the many young people.


  1. We "sent" you two from Central TX for your spec privileges!! Wonder which you'll see, because understand they won't be together except for one place.

  2. I love listening to free podcasts instead of music. There seems to be several for every subject imaginable, my favorites are RadioLab and This American Life.

  3. I used "laughing gas" for my worry warts, worts? Hmmm, which is it? Seriously, dull is much better than exciting, which in our case this winter involved a broken arm, which involved the excitement of creative money management. You know, I'd be rich if I didn't have any kids. But, who wants to be that kind of rich anyway, I'll take the rich I've got, thank you VERY much.

  4. Have you got a portable CD player? Talking books from the library might work. I just grip tight and close my eyes!!! Not a Dentist fan. Sure do like gingersnaps tho, Wish I was there.


  5. I'm cracking up at the picture of T and K and A and Daughter #2 smoking away. Now that was a funny come-back.

  6. That was a good comeback... wonder who she gets that from?!
    My thoughts are very much in WI these days!
    I like podcasts, too (in some instances). I suppose they have for kids, too? Also- you could try loading an audiobook...