Tuesday, February 17, 2009

And the trip home

We are tired as tired can be. Thanks to an airline, we had to switch our flight to a 'red-eye'. It left LAX at 11:30 their time and got here by 5:00 our time. It wouldn't be so bad with adults. But the kids kept falling asleep at each point of the journey (the van to the airport, the rental car shuttle, the airport waiting area, the plane, getting off... you get the picture). Mira about through a duck-fit about half-way through. Poor kid. And she and Rayna are fighting fevers too. Mira's broke today. Rayna is still near 103. So they were troopers. Trevor was the only 'lucky' one to get to school today. He slept a bit this morning and then purposefully (is that a word?) got dressed and went on his way.

So the joy of the journey for me is usually when I get all settled back into my nest. Lisi is back at home. The kitchen has provisions again. The bread bakes and the washer spins. I just hope this coffee does wonders for me the rest of the day...

Can you tell I'm tired? I'm not feeling all that witty!

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  1. It looks like you had a wonderful trip! Maybe one of your future trips will be to WA..... :)