Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thankful post

I'm feeling a bit grumpy, so I'll try to write a few things I'm thankful for:

* I'm not sick anymore! A quick 24-hour bug struck me in meeting on Sun. am. I slept through 4 naps that day and got back in the saddle yesterday again.

* I didn't have to yell at the kids to do their homework tonight. They did it and started to do their reading too. I like peace.

* A friend dropped off a fresh loaf of bread since she knew I was under the weather. It felt so nice to know someone cared about me. It's the little things...

* Lisi got an A++ for her efforts at obedience class yesterday. She did lose all composure when we went through the role-play of the UPS man coming to the door. She was certain the 'package' was for her. And she forgot all sensibility and obedience.

* It is lighter later. And today it thawed a bit! If you sniff really, really hard and face south during the noon-day sun, you can almost feel spring! Almost... well not quite. Wishful thinking here...

* The Chairman. I'm still thankful for his loyal dedication to me and to our family. He's just a rock.

* My sister! Today we had a shopping/lunch together. I wish I could see her more. She's quieter, but one-on-one she can really let 'er go. And I like that. She's at such a different stage than I am in life, yet only 4 years separate us in age.

* The electrician. He brought a new 'can' for our kitchen to try and I'll have a brighter work space very soon when he replaces all the dim wits I mean bulbs around here.

* And for the kids of course. They've been just really wonderful to be/have around all week. Maybe it is their ages... or I dunno. But they really are a blessing and I'm glad tonight I feel that way. For Rayna: for her happy-go-lucky nature. She's almost always with a ready smile. For Mira: her utter silliness and smartness wrapped up in one package. For Trevor: for his diligence at school and being a help at home. And for being such a budding artist. He drew a gorgeous parrot tonight after I told a story about a silly dream I had.

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  1. Glad you're feeling better. Sorry we missed seeing you on Sunday, that was too bad.