Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Silly socks and other mundane things

* Eight year old boys go through socks like babies go through milk.
* Getting a 11-11 match of socks in the laundry is nothing short of miraculous.
* After buying yet another dozen pair for three kids, you'd think that would take care of the problem....
* It is terribly windy today. BUT! The warmth can't be beat.
* The Chairman showed me Pandora.com last night. I really like it.
* I still like blogging a lot. Some thing it strange to be so 'public', but there is so much I don't say that actually is private.
* It is colder in California than it is in Wisconsin right now. I hope it warms up.
* I wonder if Mickey Mouse will remember us from last time?
* Last year we left the day after Lincoln died. It was nice, but bittersweet. I'm glad we have a sweet furry friend waiting for us to come back home this time.
* I had a plumber here for 11 hours yesterday and 2 today. He was... well not overweight. So I wasn't given the royal plumber views. He was... well friendly. We are now sporting a new 'direct-vent' water heater with an extra gas line for a fireplace.
* Work guys bring in a LOT of dirt. They try not to but they do. I wonder if they think my floors always look this dirty?
* This is enough. More later... the absence doesn't mean my heart isn't fond of you....


  1. I have every sympathy on the sock issue....and WHY can't there be the same style of socks available when you go back to buy new?

  2. Pandora Radio is the best, well it takes care and feeding. It clicks off a lot on me. I have 26 very distinct stations. Listening to Secret Garden right now actually. Have fun in toon land.

  3. I listen to Pandora all the time too. I do have keep coming back & telling them "I'm listening" tho.