Wednesday, February 4, 2009


As he helps me make up our scalloped potato and ham supper he chatters away. Then there's a pause. Then. 'Mom, I have a question'. Oh boy. A hard one if we're alone and there's a pause... What is it? 'How are you pretty if you are old?'. It took me less than a second and then I knew what to say.

Old people are beautiful. I saw two today. One is in the hospital. The other, her 90+ year old husband of many, many years faithfully and lovingly at her side. I went to have a wee visit to encourage. But they did at least ten times more for me. In a situation that they'd rather not be in, they only said positive. About the nurses, about the care, about the workers, about those who come to their open home for the Sunday meeting. About young people. And above all, about their thankfulness for knowing what is right. It was cheerful. Uplifting. Encouraging. And it was nothing less than utter beauty. I love them. Dearly. They are pillars of strength in their frail bodies. And I'm so thankful to be near some that are so beautiful.


  1. Beauty takes many forms doesn't it.

  2. Linda, thanks for the word of encouragement. Middle-aged parents of little ones often get questions about ageing. I know as I was the youngest child with a mom who had lots of gray hair when I was born. I really am liking this ageing thing and I want my children to see that one only gets better with age and it is not what goes on on the outside, but what goes on in the inside that matters. We can age miserably or we can age beautifully, but we need to make that choice.

  3. I live with someone right now who is the living image of your definition of beauty... lucky me, eh? :)