Friday, May 15, 2009

Basement project

hard at work

the basement
the fireplace
hard at it (our builder guy who also happens to be a friend, a painter, and two Russian stone guys

We are still in the midst of a terrible mess basement remodel (ok, enough of the strike through). Since we had thus and such here to do this and that, we've had the builder-types take care of issues that we had with the main part of the house (i.e. lighting, wall color, drywall repair, etc.) Right now I'm down to only three extra people in the house. The Chairman keeps telling me I'm going to miss them when it is all over. Anyhoo. Here are a few photos...


  1. That stone fireplace is gorgeous. We have things torn up around here, too, but for different reasons. Leaky roof = black mold in the ceiling/walls. Egads.

  2. Looking good! I'd love to have that kind of mess at my house if it meant my basement was being finished off. I'll keep dreaming...actually I gave up on that a few years ago! All the work will be worth it.

  3. Didja have to serve the stone guys tea every 20 min? Just curious if they take the same work ethic with them when they transfer to a different continent/society...