Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Trip to IL

A great time was had in southern IL.  I have some pictures, but not all that I really wanted to take.  

Lets see.  The most important thing to say is we were so glad to see NP.  It is nice to see contentment.  

We enjoyed the hospitality given to us bringing in a family of five.  Our kids enjoyed their kids.  A lot.  

We realize that the culture in southern IL is somewhat different than that of WI.  Not in a bad way.  Just well, more laid back.

I am so glad we had the opportunity to visit a local small-town buffet after morning meeting. That was a true 'flavor' - literal and figurative of the locality.  We don't have harvard beets, bread pudding, or fantastic fried chicken in our buffets.  And... (I won't steal Ethel's thunder), but you should have seen the threads on a few of the people.  One leisure suit in particular brought a lot of thoughts and a few quiet snickers.  The white socks were a nice added touch.  

And so without further adieu, here's the pictures in complete random order. 


  1. If we didn't have such a good trip to ND ourselves, I'd almost say I was jealous. ;) Thought of you as we drove through Watertown. Didn't stop, because "potty break" time called a half an hour earlier. Maybe next time.

  2. The Chairman's looking like he's enjoying standing by that car!

    so my suspicions re the polyester leisure suit witnesses have been confirmed... ;)

  3. i love how pudgey i look..thanks for keeping me humble and downtrodden. maybe i'll go buy a leisure suit now!

  4. I came across your blog, from Jess & Lana's. (Accidentally clicked on your link) But I'm glad I did. Jeffrey V is my cousin!