Sunday, May 31, 2009

Notes about nothing

* Just a couple photos from the past weekend.  We loved having LEP here!  She came and just followed me around for three days.  I think she'll enjoy her quiet apt. back in the south very much.  She was a great help in helping me do a top coat on the basement wood.  Thank you L!  She' my youngest niece.  A delight.  I loved her fiery temper as a little kid.  Pouty if you will.  Would get mad at big brother and kick her shoes off and march off down the hall.  I was amused and slightly put off that maybe my sister should come down with some stern discipline.  And now I have a daughter who gets irritated at her big brother and pouts and storms off and I feel I'm eating my just dessert.  I take courage in the fact the big one has turned out so nicely.

* We have tadpoles.  Lots of them.  Too many.  And they're getting frisky in the bowl.  No legs yet.  But the tails are becoming more defined.  I tried to take a picture but it is completely nearly impossible.

* I feel a twinge of guilt.  After g.m. today I was talking to someone and they were saying how great they felt when summer hit.  They had their kids with them 24/7.  They could stay up late and sleep in.  Just aimless summer days.  I'm looking forward it with lots of fear great anticipation with a touch of worry.  You see someone in this family loves to be entertained.  Told what to do.  Wanders mindlessly if there isn't a plan.  An agenda.  Some thought of going somewhere or someone coming over.  For that certain person it is hard just to 'be'.  Then the crabbies start.  But it'll be good too.  I think.  I hope I can get a blasted moment of silence once in awhile.

* I have a sore foot.  I've limped a lot today.  I "googled" it.  Plantar fasciitis they call it.  And wowser it hurts.  I strained it trying to outrun a guy about 20 years my junior last week in sandals.  I was a bit put off when the description said it is common 'for those in middle-age' to get it.  Oh help.  But I am.  Cough.  Yikes. 

* My window boxes are starting to show color!  I love them.  When they get full and lush and a bit prettier to brag about, I might post a picture.  They look cute on the Cape Cod front of our house.  Cozy!

* Our basement project is almost done.  Just carpet on Tuesday and a few minor things that I hope our kind carpenter doesn't forget to return to do.  

* Two weeks until Lisi's big test.  I'm already nervous.  I haven't been working with her at all much.  We'll cram a bit in the morning before we go in.  

* I'm starting to even bore myself.  When I see on the map how far away people come from to read this it is almost embarrassing.  Sorry folks... 


  1. Hi - Plantar Fasciitis isn't only for the middle age - unless I am in that bracket now. Two things that have helped: Sun Breeze and/or Arnica Gel - but the fastest cure was doing exercises to stretch the calf muscles. They don't take a lot of time and are very well worth it. Good luck! And good to "see" you on your blog.

  2. I'm not real sure if I've ever left a comment here or if I've ever even met you, but I enjoy reading your blog! Please do NOT apologize for writing about life! There is NOTHING boring about life and I've found that people enjoy hearing about your days rather than hearing nothing at all. So, don't apologize! :)

    As for this little line that you wrote: "I have a sore foot. I've limped a lot today." threw me for a big loop with that second sentence! Why? Well, I read the first sentence as, "I have a sore throat.", so I could NOT figure out how having a sore throat makes a person limp. As I kept reading the paragraph I realized that maybe (just MAYBE!) I had read the first sentence incorrectly. Ha! *laugh* :)

    Thanks for sharing your days! :)

  3. you crack me up- it's that simple. Can't really say why- I just always smile here. ;)
    And the niece thing- made me stop and wonder what 'my' little people will be in a few years... they certainly have personality exploding out of them now!

  4. Yup. Life. Amen to the other's comments. You write it well.
    My feet have given me fits for several years now, I haven't researched it, wonder if it is the same thing. Middle age????NO! not me either. And hang in there on the summer thing. The last couple years (summers) were pretty hard on me, but I'm thinking this one is going to be much better. I'll "only" have 3 at home....LOL!
    My two youngest are starting panio lessons in June, and Morgen gets to do BMX racing this year. Other than that we're "vegging" (well, they are, I've got projects galore to do)

  5. I am totally in love with reading your lists. Please don't stop. Like Anita already said... they make me smile. I'm jealous of your window boxes. I've wanted some since we moved in 12 years ago and still don't have any. I'm not married to a carpenter or a fixer upper kind of guy and I learned pretty quickly early on in our marriage not to be a "honey do list" kind of wife. So I guess I'll just pout and admire yours. Or the idea of what they look like, anyway.

  6. hi...i have direct experience with plantar fascitis if you want more info please helped immensely, especially down dog pose!