Friday, May 15, 2009

Lani wondered where everyone was. Well since it is spring a lot of us are outside working. I've inherited a 2-year old large yard with neglected ill planned garden. And so I've spent hours a lot of time trying to get weeds out of it. While pulling and yanking and grunting and ripping I've had some thoughts.

* If you're not where you're supposed to be, you're a weed. No matter who you are.

* Nothing can substitute for a good daily weeding. Otherwise it is a miserable chore.

* Pulling up huge roots after neglect can affect the good things around it.

* Soft soil is a pleasure to work with.

* Trying to take care of a garden beyond your ability or time constraints results only in something ugly to look upon.

* All of nature has a part in a healthy garden i.e. worms.

* The dying time of winter is vital for new growth.

* The decay of last year's growth can feed the tender shoots coming on.

* When plants are first put in the ground they are fragile and need to be encouraged a lot to grow.

* Some weeds look exactly like a perennial to me. I can't tell, but time will...

* The root system is almost always much greater in proportion to what is seen.


  1. I have always loved the lessons from my garden.

  2. Oh, there you are... as I expected. Most people are outside gardening. ;) This time of year makes me think of your grandparents.

  3. I loved these garden thoughts, Linda. I've been out there, too, and it's always full of hope and inspiration. You'll have it in shape in no time.

  4. really enjoyed these! Garden time is such a good time for thinking.