Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday thoughts

* My foot is showing signs of recovery!  I did break down and buy real, genuine Birkenstocks yesterday.  They are wonderful around the house.  I was so pleased.  Then the kids came home and I asked Rayna, my personal fashion consultant what she thought and she replied, 'they sure aren't pretty'.  Um.  Thanks!  

* She was all business.  The massage therapist I had.  I like people like that.  A good friend told me to request her.  She used her elbows on certain body parts and wowser.  I got a stern lecture for the knots.  Don't you take care of yourself?  Actually not really.  My job is taking care of others.

* On that same page.  A few months ago at a school function I realized that my female doctor has a child that attends the very same school as our small fry.  So then we can smile and say hi and be friendly and I know that she knows everything about me from head to... well toe.  I'm wondering if I should switch doctors on account of this, but she's young and seemingly good.  And I like the fact she's an osteopath too, not just pushing medicine down the throat.  I bring this up because I'm going to see her today.  

* It is cold.  Freezing.  Actual frost in June mind you.  Global warming.  I might buy a big SUV to help it out.  Where's summer?  I got a chill up my spine yesterday realizing that in less than three months it is September and school starts and the fall cool weather comes.  

* The tadpoles are gone.  The kids were showing less interest.  I was carting the water from the pond.  And so we scooped them up in a little container and back they went to the pond (to be bird or fish bait).  But at least we gave them a fair shake for awhile.  I'm just not into taking on more work.  

* The end-of-school-year stuff is mind numbing.  Parties.  Treats.  Games.  Things to buy.  They're really having fun the last week+.  Oh.  And Rayna is in a talent show tomorrow.  She's doing something with a friend.  I haven't previewed it at all, so I hope it's ok...! 

* Back to work I go...


  1. haha! I make comments to my mom like that about her shoes too, and my kids don't generally like mine either, although I'm horribly vain about what my shoes look like, so tend to suffer to a point. My last m. therapist used her elbows alot too. On her counter was an "elbow sharpener" that someone had made for her!! LOL! Enjoy your day!

  2. OK, girl, it's time you realized that you have to take care of yourself so that you are able to take care of your family. Now schedule another massage.

  3. I like your new spring/summer family picture! : ) Also all the thoughts you post -- I must say I was always one of those glad for summer vacation and sorry when it was over!

  4. The doctor on Wisconsin Public Radio had a couple tips for plantar fasciitis on Saturday:
    1. Never go barefoot, even in the house except in the shower. He suggested Tevas or the genuine Crocs (not imitation). Birkenstocks might fall in that category.
    2. At the first hint of it coming on, tape your foot. He had directions on his website on how to do that. Sounded kind of like how athletes tape their ankles. Video and instructions at