Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday's Twitches

* Not twitters. I don't do that, remember? My life isn't that interesting moment by moment. But I do remember it is the moments that count. Hmmm.

* First grade picnic with Mira today. She loved, loved, loved (in her words) Ms. Anderson. A very young, pretty, special teacher fresh out of college. And a good one at that.

* Tomorrow is a "Me Day". It is my last full day before summer break. I'm not sure what I'll do... probably more dog practice for Lisi. But we'll be outside and alone with no one needing anything.

* Lisi is doing so-so with her Canine Good Citizen class. Two weeks until the big test. She's still completely bananas too silly with meeting other 'neutral dogs'. That'll be the part that causes her to fail if anything does. Today she ate her own homework. I came out and the homework sheet we were given at dog class was shredded to bits.

* You don't know how good it feels to feel back to 'normal' until you haven't felt good for awhile. I think I'm a little hard on people sometime. Wondering why they aren't more enthused about life. About exercise. About reaching out. And then I truly felt really bad last week physically. And I wanted to go into a cocoon and stay there. I hope to remember that lesson for a long time.

* I couldn't help myself at the store. I came home with more plants. I wasn't going to do much this year, but they are so cute and look like they need me to take care of them. Good thing I didn't go to the dog pound today!

* On a related note. Why does my garden shovel have a green handle? It is officially lost right now and it is sitting in the grass somewhere.

* I love baseball season for Trevor. The games are so fun. And the socializing that revolves around it. But the suppertime part of it is irritating. How many times can you pack pasta salad and sandwiches? Any great ideas out there?

* Today someone I love is having a 40-year milestone of living for others and not himself. I can't put into words how much that has encouraged and influenced my life at times when I really needed it.

Ok this is enough for today.

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  1. Chicken? Or pb&j sandwiches? Veggie sticks? Grapes? Apples? Fruit? String cheese? Juice packets? That's about all I got.

    Happy Birthday, 40-year-old! ;)