Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday came fast

Just got through parent-teacher conferences.  Took an hour to get through them.  I'm thankful for good teachers.  Thankful that these good teachers can describe our child's strengths and weaknesses (yes, even our children do have one or two) to a T.  And thankful for a curriculum that allows those that need to move forward quickly to do so.  And for those that need a bit of extra help in this or that subject to go at the speed that is right for them.  And I'm thankful that the kids were home for two days to 'just be'.  It's nice after them being at school for a month.

My parents are something else.  They're yet again on another trip.  Again, this trip is for a very good purpose and their destination is where I'd love to be with some I love.  But the funny thing is that they called last night.  The call wasn't funny.   But what they said almost made me smile.  They were all apologetic as they 'only' put on 350 miles yesterday (mind you with a camper behind them) and including a visit with some others.  We just couldn't go as far as we planned as we were getting tired.  Oh really?  You see one of my parents is turning 80 in one short month.  One would think they'd be tired.  In fact, they deserve to be tired.  I'd have been tired after say about mile #197.  But onward they go!  They're too busy to get old.

Did I tell you how pretty the trees are lately?  Or how the weather is just right-dandy?  Like 70's by day and 40's at night.  I peeked ahead at the forecast.  Reality will be setting in soon.  Was kinda sad pulling all the old garden plants up yesterday.  But it is part of the circle of life.  Time for growth.  Time for fruit.  Then time to rest the soil.

And we are having our first 'date' in nearly (oh boy) two years tonight.  A nice meal and a play.  With my Chairman of almost 16 years.  We're some of the lucky ones...  I'm often thankful for making some very serious choices later in my 'young' life so that the choice doesn't waver.  So very thankful.

This is enough...  enjoyed the chat with you all!

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  1. another catch up here. Would be nice to get to know your folks better someday!

    A thought I've had that's carried through in a lot of my reading and such for about a year now is: Young people CAN make choices that they'll never regret... but it's not innate. Nice to read this post and have that confirmed yet again!