Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Monday's Musings

You were waiting weren't you?  More musings on a Monday.  Well I don't really know where this will take me.  I guess I'll start by saying what I'm feeling right now.  I had lunch with eight other ladies today.  To say it was special doesn't cut it.  It was special.  You see the lunch was just outstanding.  The hostess could cook you under the table.  Two kinds of soups.  A delicious sandwich.  A yummy leafy salad.  And a pumpkin thing for dessert.  Wow.  But beyond the lunch.  There was sharing.  About finding the pearl of great price in a far away land.  It was encouraging.  And touching.  And made me so incredibly thankful.  For them. For the Pearl.  For a life with joy.

The camper is cleaned out.  Tomorrow it'll be the exterior and we bid it adieu for another season.  I told the Chairman I felt melancholy about it all.  The end of the camping season.  Boo.  Sniff.  But!  We have a camper.  And next year if all goes well, we can go again!  I need to look at it that way.

The weather is dandy.  But that's not why you read this babble.  So I won't say how glorious the blue sky was today.  Or the slight breeze with upper 60 degree temperatures.  Or the awe-inspiring leaves.  B-U-T-ful!

Lisi has a weird lump on her rib cage.  I'm hoping it isn't 'something'.  She's acting plenty spunky.  Hopefully it is a result of the fall.  Don't worry.  If she starts acting weird or it gets bigger, I'll take her in.  I'm caring like that.

Tomorrow is the last day this week!  Well of school that is.  Conferences.  I love going.  Our school wants the kids there for them.  Kind of a neat plan really.  We're all on the same page.  Can I toot a horn?  Rayna was chosen to go to the governor's pad and have the governor's wife talk to them!  And a field trip through the major stadium in town.  And meet an author.  She's excited.  And so are her parents.

And I booked tickets for the Chairman and I to go on a date!  It's been forever a long time since we've done anything so crazy like that.  A play mind you!  "Laurel and Hardy" is the name.  I remember a very long time ago in the deepest, darkness of a SD winter, we'd rent 8 mm reels from the library and watch them on our old projector.  It seemed so off the charts fun.  And funny.

Someone very special to us is going through something scary.  Last we heard, she came through the surgery ok.  We hope she can have some brighter days ahead.  I think when we get wrapped up in the day-to-day routine of life, we forget really what a blessing it is to have all we do.  To be able to love those we love.  It doesn't hurt to pause and tell them we care.  Really.

And I'm mused out.  Mostly.

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