Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Funny thing...

Is no one noticed my "Monday's Musings" was posted on Tuesday... including me!

This means:
- readership is drastically down
- people trust me innately
- no one really cares
- no one really noticed
- my peeps (including me) aren't really much above average
- or some of the above


  1. -still reading...better than the news
    -trust you
    -do care but not big in details
    -see the above

  2. Just a second, here, smarty pants. "I" noticed. "I" didn't want to bring it to your attention and make you feel bad! Of course. That's just the way I am. Always thoughtful, thinking of others . . . .

  3. I still read!!! I just can't do it everyday, so I didn't see your Monday or Tuesday Musings until Thursday....too late to catch it before you! But I really enjoy reading even in my below average state! :)

  4. I thought you were so busy Monday that you didn't have time to get the Monday musings posted till Tuesday.

  5. I didn't notice... I do remember reading this on my reader way back when but not having time to comment so just saving it. NOW- I finally am getting around to reading the backlog of posts (what turns out to be most of the month of Oct) and doing some commenting. So- I'm going to ditto Janna up there. ;)