Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday's Musings

This might be a weekly thing.  Or not.  But at least this week is on Monday!  (smile)  Feeling a bit of angst.  Frustration.  Needing to set up an allergy appointment for our only son.  Call the office.  She no longer works for that office.  Call where she's now at.  It's under a different umbrella.  The lady on the other end says to me, 'we have no record of him being here'.  Um.  So his records go to some abyss-like place once you switch your affiliation?  (I refrained from saying that.)  She spoke up and said, 'some parents thing they were 'just' here, but it was like back in 2002 or something.  Do you think that is what happened?'  Um no.  He would have been the ripe old age of 2 then and I would have remembered.  We were there last year!!!  Then she needs to talk to 'the other nurse' to see if they can find it.  Voila!  She found him.  And an appointment is made.  So he can breathe freely again.  Asthma/allergies aren't for sissies.  Speaking of that kind of thing.  We got a cold call promising better insurance rates.  The eager-beaver sales guy kept calling me.  Pretending to be my friend.  Wondering if I was having a bad day since I didn't sound so happy.  Well listen Mr. I Can Give You the Best Rate Possible, I'm tired of you calling me.  Ugh.  And the offer seems great.  But is it?  We pay exorbitant amounts of money each month to cover catastrophic things we never want to be a part of.  Insurance makes me feel ill (pun intended).

Didn't mean to worry any of you about my last "Real Mom" post.  I am not one to be offended (maybe give offence since I talk too much).  Really.  I'm kind of like a golden retriever in a human form.

Speaking of which.  I took her in to see the vet today.  The lump is most likely the result of another dog and a wrestling match.  Or... falling out of a tree.  Or... a fatty tumor.  But no scary tumor anyway.  We're to watch it and see if it shrinks or stays stable.  If either of those, well she's good to go.  But.  The vet said some kinda sad things.  Like it isn't if a golden is going to get cancer... it is when.  Glad though it isn't anything scary this time.

Our date night last week was quite nice!  The meal out beforehand was tasty.  The conversation without interruption was valued.  The play was funny.  And it was real funny when we walked in and realized we were right.  In.  Front.  Like I could reach out and grab Stan Laurel's trousers if I wanted to.  And we shared a little 'table' with Mr. and Mrs. Splashy Jewelry and fancy clothes and trips afar.  And Mr. and Mrs SJ wanted to talk about all they've accomplished.  The Chairman is really gifted at listening to people like that.  Me?  Not so much.  But the next day I could not WAIT to get the kids.  Really.  Isn't that kinda odd really?  I really like the kids around.  Tucking them all in on Saturday night was just an 'ahhh' moment.  I'm already prematurely worried about them heading off to seek their fortune's.  But then again, maybe I'll be so old and the dementia so real that it won't bother me a twittle.

Why is it though when the Chairman isn't eating supper with us I feel like I hardly need to make anything?  Really 4/5 of us are still here.  But fussing with a salad, a vegetable, a starch, and a protein seems so silly.

Speaking of food (don't you like how my thoughts run together so smoothly?).  A year or three ago, I wrote how I wasn't too impressed with Krusteaz pancake mix.  I do want to say that I frequent a major warehouse club often.  Awhile back I purchased this mondo-huge box of Krusteaz muffin mix.  And say!  What a neat thing!  You see we're in the need for quick snacks here.  Filling things for empty bellies.  This mix needs only 3 cups of the stuff with one cup water.  I'm never content with something so passe, so I add vanilla and blueberries.  Streusel.  Lemon extract and poppyseeds.  And always I throw in at least 2-3T of ground flax.  A mostly healthy snack ready in 17 minutes.

And so another glorious fall day.  I'm thinking if this keeps up another four or five months, winter won't be so bad!

I'm mused out....


  1. You know, I just really like reading ALL your posts, but I do love your last sentence....LOL!

  2. Love this Monday!! And I sure hope your kids don't get tired of muffins. I made no bake cookies 10 minutes before the kids came home, and I had forgotten snack. They are easy, boil peanut butter, cocoa, milk and sugar, and stir in oatmeal. It surely can't be THAT bad for us. I rolled a few in coconut.

  3. my assorted thoughts:
    - insurance (in my opinion) is the biggest scam going in the States... and it's LEGAL. Amazing.
    - a friend and I were talking yest. I'd compared another very close friend to a Cocker Spaniel- you know- I'll save the rest of this part for a blog post of my own! ;)
    I enjoy your Monday Musings!