Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday's Twits

Probably not as interesting as Monday Musings.  But I did one post yesterday.  And I didn't want the excitement factor to get too great out there to all of the masses that read this dribble.  Yet, since I have just under a few thousand readers (ha!), I was wondering why I didn't get an e-mail or something wondering if I was ok?!  Or not.

The past weekend was a busy one.  Another faithful soul called back to his Maker.  This one had answered the call not once, but twice and served in another land for many, many years.  He came back here and fit into what was planned for him in the last days and years and it was nice.  He was a part of our Sunday morning and we will miss him.  Our children will never sing #403 for the rest of their lives without it being 'Lloyd's hymn'.

We are right now experiencing a storm 'of the decade' they say.  Woke up to a terrific thunderstorm.  Now gale-force winds are blowing for 48 hours.  Lots of people have commented that they hope the leaves 'blow away' so they don't have to rake.  Where to they go?  Doesn't someone have to rake?  Or do they just 'blow away'?  Hm.      I'm going to go do my usual walk soon.  I wonder if I should be wearing motorcycle goggles since the wind speeds are at times close to 50 mph?  I'd look pretty cute wouldn't I?

Son #1 has been parading through different offices.  Orthodontist, dentist, opthamologist, allergist, and pediatrician.  He hasn't complained.  And I'm kinda happy to have alone-time with him.  I think when kids in a family are all the same age-group, they get lost in the shuffle.  I love having one of them alone.  You see more characteristics of who they really are.  You hear things you wouldn't hear in the din of commotion.  And pssst.  He and I were talking the other day how boys and girls show affection differently.  The girls love to cuddle.  Get close.  Sit on my lap.  And visit nose-to-nose.  Boys?  Well this one LOVES back scratches.  And a good wrestle.  And lately he goes down into football-mode and says quietly, 'affection' and then plows into my thigh.  Startling?  You bet.  Satisfying?  For sure.  I think I said it before, but I will again.... I love having both kinds of kids.

I'm hoping to give blood in a few hours.  I'm not sure it'll work.  My iron level is usually lacking.  But I'll give it a shot.  (pun intended).

Bread is ready for the oven!  Yum.


  1. It's even blowing down here, but not as bad as there. Feels like winter's on it's way :(
    Happy Tuesday!

  2. My boys love their back scratches too. As for the wind...blowing. :-)

  3. Our leaves are in Michigan. No worries.

  4. Like the person before me said, I get your leaves since my house runs north and south and the wind usually comes from the west. This does seem to be the time of year when many people go home to rest - we had one here this week too.

  5. We haven't seen Lloyd in a few yrs but saw him on his 'home visits' as he started out here in western WI, so knew him well. Grateful for his willingness to serve in another land for so many yrs. (I write this holding onto my chair, lest I be blown away!)

  6. If WI leaves are in MI, MN leaves must be in WI!
    Someone sent some notes from L's fun'l- was nice to get.