Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday's thoughts...

Ok I'll admit it.  I was riveted.  A captive audience if you will.  Watching the miners one-by-one coming out of the tomb they were in for 69-70 days.  The Chairman told me they were starting to come out the other night.  So I was a rapt audience.  It had all the makings of a feel-good story that came true.  A lot of men that could have been dead.  And then they were alive.  And then they got help.  And then they were rescued from the dungeon into the arms of loved ones - wives, children (or in resuce #21's case, well never mind).  And it was so neat to see the utter patriotism of that country rallying around their citizens.  Neat I say.

So today I ran 2,467  a lot of errands.  I'm sure you all are all-to-familiar with that.  But the house is stocked with goods again.  And it is nice.  I made the 3 C's here very happy.  They've really been working hard this week.  Busy schedule.  Busy after school.  And little complaining!  So I thought to myself if the donuts are on sale this week, I'll get them each one.  And they were!  I was so happy because, well, you know, I wanted one too (not that I needed it or anything).  And the look of utter happiness when I pulled them out of the bag with the topping being just what they individually wanted on theirs.  It was neat.  And such a little thing.  But worth it.  Especially chomping down my own.  (urp!)

Another small thing that is highly appreciated here is the balls.  No, not just any kind of ball.  A big, full-sized exercise ball.  The one we had for nearly 2 years got a puncture wound.  And so I replaced it with two more.  They sit on them (bouncing of course) to do homework.  They roll them around the house.  They do circus acts. Balancing competitions.  You name it.  All with two big gray balls.  That I've loved to hate.  And love.  I highly recommend them if you have kids between the ages of 3 and 16.

Speaking of balls.  Rayna is again in baseketball with her school.  Now if you know us personally, you'd know that Rayna is gifted in a lot of things.  Height isn't one of them.  But she plays.  With all her heart.  And guards.  And passes to her much bigger teammates.  And they've won the first two games!  Whoot!

Very recently, I got on the high horse.  This time I might step on the soapbox.  This time regarding insurance, medical care, prescriptions.  But I try to keep this blog fun.  Lighthearted.  And mildly interesting.  So all I'll say is that I nearly fell over when I heard the price for one of our son's asthma medicines would be $110.  That for one month's prescription of a nasal spray - on top of $164/month cost for an inhaler.  Um.  $300/month just for the medicine to help him breathe?  Oh boy.  We see the allergist again next week.  I'm not above dressing very poorly and asking (begging) for a pile of samples again.

The Halloween candy is bought!  I got some of the stuff the kids usually like - Sour Patch, Laffy Taffy, Skittles... you know.  But I also got the kind I like in hopes that there's leftovers.  Come on.  Admit you do it too!

Time to get hopping.  Piano lessons and a concert are yet ahead of us tonight!


  1. Yes, I admit it. Even though I've only had two trick-or-treaters in the six plus years I've lived here, I still buy my "favorite" just in case and as a snack for the next couple weeks at work. :-)

  2. Who would want the icky blah stuff left over? I mean, we'd have to throw it out!!

  3. Too bad we don't have trick-or-treaters here.. what a great excuse to buy candy!! ;)

    So Miner #21- was he the one for whom the plural referred not only to children but also to 'wives'... I sort of wondered how he's feeling these days... What a way for you hidden life to reveal itself!