Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Musings

As most of you know, we are back from a trip to the "Golden State" of California.  We spent the first few days with my mean older brother and his lovely family.  And as a super bonus, we also had my dear uncle there for two days.  Those days were precious.  My mean older brother did not live up to his name.  And in fairness to his 'lack of meanness', he will now hold the title of 'mostly nice' older brother.  Seems fair enough.  Leaves wiggle room for a touch of mean.

We then headed north.  Stopped at two nice beaches for some play time.  Looked at beautiful countryside as we put miles under our belts.  Then stopped in San Luis Obisbo for the night.  A special nephew is graduating this spring and has chosen Cal Poly as his school of choice.  And from my observations, (not that my opinion matters one twittle), a good one.  The surrounding area is very neat.  Mountains.  Ocean.  Nice weather.  Decent young people walking about.  A quiet campus.  And hopefully, some good education.  On north we went to San Francisco.  We spent three days there.

I could tell you that the Golden Gate is an incredible sight.  The croaking sea lions at Pier 39 entertaining.  The Chinatown experience riveting.  Lombard street is still very crooked.  And the sourdough bread is still chewy.  But that's not what you come read this fodder for.  You'd like what really happened.

Like the time we were driving into downtown one morning and a SFPD car pulls alongside of us.  Speeds up.  Slows down.  Then Mr. Officer is making a gesture at me (no, not THAT one).  I glance over nervously.  He's motioning very widely about a seat belt for daughter #1 who is sitting between us in the front seat of the Suburban.  I nod and point down to the lap belt.  He smiles and waves, and zooms off.

Or the time I mention to the Chairman that even though the vacation has been really fun, that it hasn't been very romantic or allowing us any time alone... and he responds, 'well that's fine.  It doesn't bother me at all.'  (well thanks a lot!).

Or the time that daughter #2 pushed a shopping cart out of a store very quickly.  Too quickly.  She rammed the Chairman's back ankle.  He's dancing.  Daughter #2 starts to jump up and down.  I see blood trickle down her chin.  She bit a chunk of skin out of her bottom lip.  Starts bleeding profusely.  And so we quickly head back to the hotel for a bit of ice and regrouping.

Or the traffic jam on the Oakland Bay Bridge.  We were to have dinner with some friends of ours two hours east of the Bay.  We get very very stuck in traffic.  We sit and sit and wait and sit and watch people and sit and wait and worry and sit some more.  But finally.  Finally!  We move a bit and the Chairman makes up for lost time and get to our destination only 15 minutes late.

Or the 'musical beds' that we played for the last three nights.  The double beds didn't like two adults sleeping in them very well and they protested and so did we.  I ended up sleeping near son #1 who thrashed, kicked, and whacked throughout the night...

Or the flight home with a mother that was worse than the one going out.  Seriously.  She was just.  plain.  nuts.  She was insisting that her two toddler's car seats be installed into the plane seat (now really, if the plane were to crash, would they save the children?).  They were mondo-huge.  Husband was a weasle-y sort that didn't want to rock her boat.  Kids screaming.  Mother yelling at anyone that would be within ear shot.  She bonked the head of the guy sitting the row ahead with one of those mumbo-jumbo things.  And she kept fussing and fixing and going on and on.  Let me tell you this went on for over a half-hour.  She was nearly hysterical.  Weasle-y husband walks away.  Gate agents, three flight attendants, and reasonable people that sat nearby tried to talk reason into her.  And she finally gave up on one of the seats.  And we took off 10 minutes late.  cRAzY I say.

Or the humongous hot spot that Lisi licked on her leg while she was kenneled.  She is very appreciative to be back home on her bed.  Chewing on her stuffed toy.  And waiting for a hand-out.

And so am I.  Not chewing on stuffed toys and waiting for hand-outs... although that would be nice.  It is nice to be home.  Like really really good.  After about one day I can hardly eat restaurant food.  I miss our bed.  I miss our dog.  I miss our friends.  And even miss making bread.

But it was a very, very good trip.  One of the best since we've had our kids.  In fact, the Chairman said just as we were nearing home the other night, 'hey kids?  You all get an A+ on this trip.  You all did great!'.  Now mind you the Chairman doesn't have a super-easy grading scale, so that was huge.  And nice.  And kinda summed up Spring Break '11.

Here's a few photos in case you're interested...

On the hill above my mostly-nice brother's home

Mocha - begging queen

One of my favorite moments... music with family

A very special uncle

hiking with our neighbors that live one mile from us...

the ladies on the hike

B U T ful!

this wasn't staged!  at Pismo beach

Cal Poly

SF trolley

Golden Gate!  It was BRRRR chilly there!

Lombard Street

barking sea lions at Pier 39...


enjoying her Chinese lunch in Chinatown!

An awesome family

Good friends...  


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  2. I can almost hear Duane saying "that's okay, I don't mind"..... looks and sounds like a nice time. My folks went out that way for their 25th, Mom's first time to fly.

  3. this is prime time travel time..our kids are at perfect ages for it! guess that means..more fun..more CrAzY airplane rides??

  4. Wow- that was some cop story. A bit unsafe of him, don't you think? ;) But ah well- he's a nice guy just concerned about safety!
    Too bad airlines can't do something about people like that woman. Where we are- customer service is often minimal and you can easily just be ignored or yelled at. In the States- sometimes there is too much pandering to the customer. That woman needs a bit of a reality check, methinks.