Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wandering Wednesday Words

It feels muggy.  And a storm is a brewin'.  Spring!  The two-lips are purdy.  The daffy-dills are yellow-y.  And all is well.  I love the feeling of warm feet after six months of icy toes.  Happy sigh.

I do think I should maybe sign up for Breadmakers Anonymous though.  This morning I got out the ingredients and started the bread dough.  Why you ask?  Well the weather just felt 'right'.  I have no need for the five lofty loaves that just came out of the oven.  There's three in the freezer before these five.  But it felt like a good day to bake.  And so I did.  And we've got enough bread for awhile now.  I'm just hoping it isn't muggy tomorrow.  Or I hope I resist the urge to pull out the yeast.

So the painter lady is here.  The lady that turned our house into a home.  The lady that upon my urging, turned our master bedroom into a 'baby blue' room and then changed the color after reasoning with me (and cashing my check).  I didn't make suggestions.  I told her ballpark what we were thinking and let her run with it.  She helped decide daughter #1's color.  She then looked at (as my friend called it) the 'blood red' bathroom.  Remember that one?  The one that took four coats and it still was ugly?  That one?  The one that the Chairman politely said, 'we could get used to it maybe'.  You know, that one?  Anyway, it's going to "Cavern Clay" as I type and I must say, I better put my paintbrushes away.  Better to let people do what they do best.

So the in-ground sprinkler people have been here a lot.  And they love Lisi nearly as much as we do.  To the point I am glad I know where they live because if she disappears one day, I'd suspect them.  They have waxed on and on and on about her nature.  Her big paws.  Her sweet face.  Last night she laid on the ground next to Mrs. Irrigation Lady and had her head shamelessly on her lap while she worked along.  I could have been jealous.  And to think they don't even know that she blogs!  Yes, she's a talented pooch.

I have four nephews and two nieces on my side of the family.  Three are graduating this spring - one with a master's, one with a bachelor's, and one with a high school degree.  All three of them are whippin' smart.  Life is really neat.  You get to love these little kids and then witness them growing up and accomplishing something.  But the thing that makes them really nice is that they are making good choices along the way.  Neat I say.

Anyone hooked on Words with Friends?  I am.  I love words.  And putting things neatly in their place.  So if you have an iPod or an iPad or an iPhone... go find it.  If words are your thing.  Wandering Wednesday Words...


  1. I made bread yesterday also...makes me think of you :) But unlike you we needed it...after being out for a couple days the kids were revolting at me telling them they could have crackers... And it raised beautifully, and than I needed a shower :p

  2. I made bread today also--Cool & rainy here and it was a good day. I made cinnamon rolls too. Made the house smell really nice for study here tonight, and gave us something for treats for my middle sisters birthday. She turns 50 tomorrow. A good reason to celebrate.
    I like your words--Lisi's too--I read her post & didn't comment.

  3. Someone made bread where I was about the time this post was written. Not me, though.
    Helen- why'd you need a shower after making bread?
    If Lisi ever goes missing, you'll have to search from East to West, North to South to find her- her fan-club is worldwide! She needs a facebook page... or maybe not. ;) I like her from clear over here, though! I'd take her!
    And I seriously doubt it was the paint lady who actually made your house into a home... but I guess I know what you mean!