Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wandering Wednesday Words

So I called the massage place where I go to see if I can cancel membership.  If I do, I lose the nine 'backed-up' massages.  So they are freezing it for 3 months so I can work through the ones I have sitting there.  Then (don't tell them I said this), I think I'll cancel the membership.  Need to button down the hatches a bit you know.  But what I think might work is to simply call them and be placed on hold.  They had the same utterly relaxing music going while I was on hold as when I'm lying there belly-down on the table.  Would save a few pennies.

Son #1 came into the kitchen this morning with something to say.  "Mom!  Did you know in 416 weeks I'll be going to college?"  Ugh.  That doesn't sound so far away when he says it like that.  Glad he's planning.  Hope he's saving up for it too.

Enjoyed a "muffins with Mom" this morning with daughter #2.  It's always such a special thing to go to their turf and sit in her seat and really see/hear/feel what they do every day.  As we were sitting there waiting for it all to start, she leans over and whispers, 'it smells really different in here today with all you moms here'.  I hope it was a good thing.  Or maybe the bowl of glue at every table.

I was told recently I have an accent.  Yes, a Wisconsin accent.  I don't hear it.  And was actually denying that I had any form of speech differentiation.  But at the airport in San Francisco, I heard someone talking and turned around quickly.  They sounded like me.  I'm not sure what it was.  And I don't remember what was said.  But it sounded - well, familiar.  And it was.  They were sitting a few rows up on the same plane... bound for Wisconsin.

And as a lot of you know, today is my birthday.  We had the 'gift opening' last night because unfortunately, the Chairman has a very full plate today.  And I'm very ok with that.  It is a sunny day.  I have my health.  My family.  My extended family.  And friends too numerous to count.  I have found it thrilling to read the FB messages coming in.  All of my friends on there are special for a different reason.  And I like that.

After a very, VERY cold baseball game last night, I opened my gifts.  My family was good to me.  I was touched by their efforts.  I like birthdays.  And I like May 4.  Instead of thinking of youth fading, I like that I can pause and count my blessings.  Because they are many.


  1. Happy, happy birthday! Enjoy the sunshine - what a wonderful gift, eh?!

  2. Aw- Happy Birthday once more!
    Interesting concept- calling the massage people and being put on hold just for the music. Maybe you should ask them what the cd is and go get it! ;)

  3. haa. you're funny re; being put on hold..some places have really good music..which reminds me i need to call the ortho office anyway. you get a bit weepy when you're remembered so nicely by others? i do. you're special to many..keep on keeping on...

  4. ...and here I missed it on FB yesterday. :-( Happy Birthday to you! A dear lady and friend I have yet to meet.

  5. you ever listen to Pandora on the computer. I LOVE it! I have it set to a station under Jim Brickman...relaxing.