Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Musings

Yep.  Better get this done before the bus brakes squeal to a stop at the corner.  Remember this guy?  
I think Gumby was his name.  Super-flexible.  That's how I feel.  You see the massage saga continues.  I have now eight extra ones to use in a couple-months time.  Sounds ideal?  Sorta.  And not really.  I do want to use them since I've paid for them.  I want to cancel my account, but if I do, I lose the pre-paid ones.  So I've had two massages in a week.  And I feel like Gumby.  "Julie" even said I responded well whatever that means.  I paced out the next one for 10 days from now.  Hopefully I have a knot in my neck or back somewhere so she has something to focus on and not make me so loosey-goosey.

Daughter #2 had her spring piano recital.  Can I boast a bit?  I don't think she hit a wrong key for both songs.  And I should know.  I heard them 3,257 times in the past two months.  I'd post the video, but I'm nice like that and won't.

We were gone for 24 hours this weekend.  And we returned to a house that was 62 inside.  So the furnace was turned on.  What gives.  Isn't it mid-May?  brrrr.

We celebrated another achievement for a dear niece.  The house was teeming with her friends and family and a fun time.

Psst.  Another bit of family news.  We hear distant bells ringing.  Wedding bells!  I'm wondering if Kentucky Fried Chicken will be served at the reception?  

My scariest childhood fear came to fruition yesterday.  We were in a public building.  Stopped at the restroom on the way out.  The stall was super-small.  You had to literally stand next to the toilet to shut the door - which I did.  I got settled in to to go but then the automatic flusher flushed.  And then it didn't stop.  Water rose up without warning and my backside got completely wet.  It immediately overflowed the bowl.  Water is pouring all over my legs and feet.  I'm stuck next to the toilet and can't get the door open.  The water is running fast.  Daughter #1 one stall over yells, 'mom?  are you ok?'.  I yell, 'NO!'.  My fancy Sunday-go-to-meeting slings are drenched.  As are my feet and ankles.  I grab my bag, open the door and slosh out.  Luckily.  Luckily!!!  It was "clean" water.  And I decided that I didn't need to "go".  **ick**


  1. Wedding?! Ooo! Who? Is it in the family that I am somehow related to? :) also you saw Shelley and Elaine?

  2. Oh my goodness-- Now every time I go into one of those public stalls, I'm going to think of your experience!!
    We gave in and had to run the AC last weekend--PG DIL's here & too many people. We were roasting. This weekend had the heat on again. Why can't we just have 75* weather spring?

  3. lol...splish, splash...makin' a dash!!

  4. Laughed til I cried! Aren't you "lucky" that you weren't in mid-stream!!

  5. Eww. That is super gross. I would have freaked out on the toilet thing. So. so. Gross.