Friday, March 15, 2013

Friendly Friday

I'm not sure why the 'friendly'.  But it's such a nice word.  

Will start out with a couple pictures.  My mostly nice older brother sent a file to me of old pictures from my folks.  I especially like the third one.  Makes me smile.  I'm thinking we weren't too enthused about packing the camper for the next venture.  

little kids are just plain cute

always loved animals since I was a wee one

yes, winter was real in SD....
I could show you the other 362, but I'll spare you this time.

Google Reader was just given a terminal diagnosis.  This pains me.  I've jumped ship to "feedly".  But I'm not happy about it.  If you don't know, these RSS feeders can be programmed with things you like to read (blogs, news, etc) and then it is all in one place.  Saves a ton of time.  Especially when you have 91 blogs you follow.  I'm trying to whittle them down a bit.

I've been dreaming of a Roomba.  You know those vacuums that just do it themselves?  We have dark wood floors.  It looks like this after I vacuum.
We have lots of dark wood.  You know how hairs and lint and dust show up on black clothes?  Well that's our kitchen in some ways.  Ugh.

Leftovers.  My family isn't real keen on them.  I try to cook just enough what we need.  Or reinvent them (i.e. pork roast turned into shredded bbq).  So I spend most my noontime eating the dregs left behind from the night before.  I guess that's ok.

I was listening lately about the water that goes down the drain one direction in the northern hemisphere and one direction in the south.  What happens at that very point between north and south?  Does the water just sit there?  Does it just whoosh away without any directional movement?  Or do none of those people have plumbing?  (yes, I have time on my hands to think of such).

Speaking of time.  I need to redeem it.  Lots to do and a lovely weekend ahead.

And in case you're very worried about my sore shoulder... it's on the mend!  I can lift it sideways now almost 6"!



  2. Glad the shoulder is getting better.
    I like "old" pictures.
    I always wanted a roomba too--however now I have no carpets & very little floor space in this house.
    I use a norwex mop--dry & wet on my wood floors & love it.
    Left overs? Love them here. My husband takes them/packs his lunch. I freeze them & rotate them so he doesn't have to eat the same thing for supper as he had for lunch. I never had problems with left overs over the years, my husband & boys always were hungry & ate anything left in the fridge!

  3. I wish I could figure out my scanner to scan photos so they wouldn't have to be cropped and be fuzzy. I love old photos, too.

  4. glad your shoulder is better!!

  5. ummm, may 4th, 1965..Linda..hmmmmm

  6. ps..just looking at the pic of "canine and cat" should really do a book. even if it's a photo book of those two. they really are an amazing duo.

  7. I love leftovers- but then, I don't have very many people to cook for!
    The Google Reader thing is causing me to mourn, too (still). I've also switched to feedly but am also finding it a hard adjustment. I can't seem to make it work the same way twice... heh.

  8. ps- and finding out about your shoulder much later than most, I'm also slow to be glad that it's getting better!! ;)