Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday!

And good it is! I'm typing this up on my iPhone because I feel I should have had some Thursday Thoughts and didn't share them. The iPhone has been a wonderful tool for mapping, finding the next rest stop, looking up the location of Three Mile Island and figuring out where so and so lives. Not to mention playing What Word.

Right now we are meandering or rather racing at break-neck speed on the Pennsylvania turnpike. The Chairman is in control of the steering wheel. He keeps telling me he trusts my driving yet I've never got out of the passenger seat yet. :). The MYP have sufficient distractions to make the miles go by quickly. Oh and some fighting too.

I have seen a couple WI cars and
crane my neck very far to see if I know them. The probability is minute but the thrill if it were the case would be mind numbing.

Our final destination is the nation's capitol once we get through wearing out a welcome mat of some friends of ours in Maryland.

We lucked out and have this awesome pet sitter that has texted the latest information of our furry friends and even a picture. So that's kinda neat!

Well back to idly chattering to the Chairman to keep his mind sufficiently working. I'm nice like that.

More later...possibly even a bit of musing on Monday. I'm loyal like that.

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