Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday Musings

Since I know it is the first thing on all of your minds, I better get it out of the way right now.  My arm is better.  My arm still hurts.  I think I'm moving it more.  I think the pain is unbelievable when I move it.  I don't think the doctor was talking through his hat (not that he had one) when he said three weeks at minimum.  Instead of calling up and paying for physical therapy, I've been "you-tubing" and found some stuff that I can work on my own.  Plus lots of hot showers.  Plus a massage scheduled this week.  Ouch.  Someone I used to respect came up to me yesterday and said, 'now you'll know to stay away from youthful sports since you are an old person' or something like that.

My mother-in-law and mother both have come to our aid.  My in-laws thoughtfully asked what they could do to help and came over with supper Saturday night.  My parents brought me a 'care package' yesterday.  Friends have asked to come help cook, clean, or comb my hair.  I'm thinking I should milk this for all its worth.  But I'm too stubborn, proud, or self-reliant for that.

"Her children arise up, and call her blessed" The MYP woke up and felt very blessed.  You see I lost my voice during the day on Saturday and it started coming back yesterday.  Why do the MYP feel blessed?  It's really hard to bark orders at those sweet young people when you have no voice to do it.

The time change.  I love it and hate it at the same time.  I remember when the MYP were babies and toddlers it was brutal.  Little ones don't understand that they need to go to bed even if they don't feel totally tired.  Come to think of it, it's the same now with the bigger ones.  And the mornings... it's like they go to bed as little lambs and wake up as little grizzlies.

We have neighbors that like Lisi.  A lot.  Since we were going to be gone awhile yesterday, I gave them the opportunity to take Lisi for a walk when they took their chocolate lab.  After, they took her to their house for awhile to hang out.

See?  I told you they like her.  They even send pictures to keep us updated how she's doing.  Anyway, Mr. Kindneighbor decided Lisi should get back home before we return.  He walks her in the driving rain back to our garage.  He pats her on the head, says goodbye in the garage with our propped door and goes back home.  Within five minutes, Lisi is looking in their back window.  Mr.  Kindneighbor decided to let her win.  Or he didn't feel like getting soaked to the skivvies again.  Naughty Lisi!

And finally, this was texted to me last night.  It sums up how the car rides have gone with a cat and then with a dog. 
Someone posted this video this past week.  It touched me.  Because we are in the trenches of parenting these days.  It's a wonderful reminder that this is only temporary.  And we will miss it desperately one day.  I'll post in case you are interested.

I think that's all I've got to muse today....


  1. It is so true, as one with an empty nest I know, it is so true. I sometimes wonder when it all at 46 I have two grown children and two grandchildren...did I blink and miss something?
    Yes, embrace those ordinary days.

  2. When you are in the trenches you can't value those days as you should. I miss those children but I am so thankful have "come out on the other side" with wonderful, faithful, caring, loving and productive adult children+ a delightful DIL! Feel better. Enjoyed an evening with your bro and family!

  3. I love it! Made me cry--with an age span of 35 yrs down to 11, it was very very real!

  4. I wish we'd go on DST and stay there! No more switching. I'm starting a campaign...or not. But I wish someone would! ;)
    Love the dog cartoon- they've got a good thing going, I guess. Although- they would just not bother with that smelly stuff. Just leave it there. hmmmm
    And that (rotten) video made me cry...and I'm not even a mom. But I have nieces and nephews and other precious young acquaintances. And I can attest to that fact that it goes way too fast.