Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Musings

Love Mondays.  Love Musing.  It's kind of weird living your life with the blog always in the back of your mind.  It makes you pause when something is done, said, or thought.  Blog worthy?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  I like it because it encourages me to enjoy the ordinary.  Like this morning for instance.  There was a need for a tangible amoeba.  Last night he made up the grape jello all on his own.  Got the little flags constructed for identification.  Fruit for the parts of amoeba I learned about years ago but have since forgotten.  Then it wiggled and jiggled to the school science room and hopefully a good grade.  
I'll throw in the dose of cuteness.  Picture taken I think on Saturday.  
And then there is this.  An old picture found on the ones I recently received.
This was taken a long time ago.  See that little fellow with the green jacket on his mom's lap?  That is the Chairman.  See that boy in the brown coat right next to him?  That's my mostly nice older brother.  At that point about forty years ago, they had no idea they would be brothers-in-law.  Most of the rest of the ones on that picture are now my relation through marriage.  Anyway, life is funny like that.

See this picture?

That family came out from WI to visit us in SD on their way to somewhere else.  That little girl in her daddy's arms lives only a little over a mile from us.  Her daughter is in the same classroom as our youngest.  The boy in the middle is a nice middle-aged man in our field who tends to share a light-hearted joke often.  The cute blonde on the right is married to my brother-in-law's brother (got that?).

I think the lesson to me is this.  Be nice to everyone.  You never know what will happen in the years to come.  That little kid could some day be a spouse to one of your children.  He could have the open home you go to each week.  He could be the one that takes you from the nursing home to g.m.  You just never know!

This weekend we celebrated this lady's birthday!
Her extended family is literally all on the other side of the world.  But we aren't.  So we can celebrate with her.

Since I'm showing pictures.  I could show you this one.  A sweet young couple.
 Or this:

This lady gave me wonderful advice years ago.  She's a gardener to the nth degree.  Like her yard and plants could be featured in any magazine.  Seriously.  One time I asked her why her house plants look so nice.  She said as one having authority, 'don't be afraid to prune.  Cut off anything that has anything dead looking on it.  Then the plant can put its energy into new growth and life.'.  After she said that, I didn't know if we were talking about plants or life in general.  But it works for both and I'm thankful for people that live like that (with pretty plants to boot!).

Think I'm mused out.  The pelting snow outside isn't very amusing though.  I thought it was spring, but the skies don't think so...


  1. It looks like spring could be coming here, until you step outside. It's 35 F.

  2. Thanks for sharing! That one old photo-bonfire at Lapham Peak????

  3. We are glad you are always subconsciously thinking of your blog because it results in wonderful musings. Loved your paragraph on being nice to everyone, because it's certainly the truth that you never know years down the road what connection you will share!!

  4. Love that first old pic- definitely some familiar faces there even if I can't quite put the right names on them!
    And that thought about being nice to everyone- I need to remember that. I often wonder who I've met today that may become part of my life someday. whoa.

  5. ps- your life lesson is rattling around in my head- and I'd like to blog it. How do you feel about a link back to this post? I won't for now... but I don't just want to 'rip you off', either!

  6. I LOVED your thought on "be nice"! So good to read and I want to keep that in mind! I hope you don't mind me stopping by from another blog but I enjoy hopping around and "meeting" other bloggers once and a while! :) Alison from Montana