Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday Musings

Hmm.  Not sure if I have anything amusing to muse...  

This past weekend, we went skiing.  I captured this iPhone shot on the lift.  You see the Chairman and a friend and I were heading up together.  Well I hesitated and well, you see I didn't make the chair with them.  So I had a private lift up.  It was a gorgeous day for sure.  
Saw this online yesterday.  I LOVED the parachute days in gym class at McKinley elementary a few decades years ago.  
I saw this comic yesterday.  
It reminded me of the time I was walking our dog Lincoln some years back and he was sniffing another dog's backside.  I glanced up at the owner and told him, 'I'm sure glad we don't do that'.  He looked at me very uneasily and rushed off with his dog.  

It was the girl in pink's birthday this past weekend.  We were glad to have her come over and share a part of her day with us.  I caught them in a gymnastics routine in the basement off of some very tired mattresses.
 There's still lots of wrestling going on.
You cat haters will enjoy this.  I was thinking of the similarities between cats and snakes this past week.  They both have sneaky tendencies.  Both have similar eyes.  Mouth shapes.  They eat rodents.  The cat tail twitches like a snake's body.  I don't think they are that far apart on the animal chart in some ways.  However, cats are soft and love to purr and get cozy.  I haven't seen a snake do that lately.

I've often thought that dogs aren't too bright sometimes.  But let me tell you, Lisi knows her cars!  The other day we were walking while waiting for piano lessons.  All of the sudden, she jerks the leash and starts to run with me following.  What in the world...?  Going by was a car that was a white, Acura TL that was exactly like the one that sometimes brings her best golden friend, Mavrick.  She was frantic.  As it drove away she kept looking at me like, 'WHERE ARE THEY GOING???'  The rest of the cars were completely ignored.

I find it amusing that people love to post pictures of sushi on FB.  Here's what's for dinner!  Or something like that.  There must be a bragging right if you eat sushi.  I haven't seen anyone lately posting a picture of their meatloaf and mashed potatoes.  I might try it and see if anyone is impressed.  

I held back this morning.  There are red warnings flashing again about an impending storm coming tomorrow.  I didn't tell the MYP that there was a potential of a snow day.  See?  I'm learning.  

Well it wasn't amusing, but at least I mused this Monday!


  1. WHO says this wasn't amusing? I laughed so much Kara had to come running to see what was so funny!

  2. ....all is well, Monday's Musing back on track!

  3. I loved parachute days, too. There were never enough of them.

  4. Good a"musing"ment as usual. I don't understand why you North-easterners are hogging all the storms/snow tho! :)
    And shushi? blech. Give me meatloaf & mashed potatoes any day!

  5. you don't think you're amusing? that's amusing. there were definitely a couple things that i laughed at up're a hoot and apparently you don't realize it yet..or perhaps you are attempting the self deprecating trick? hugs!

  6. yes, I'd rather have meatloaf and mashed potatoes, too...and they'd look really GREAT in a picture!
    Parachute days were my favorite, too...but I cannot remember what we actually did or what the point was!