Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Well the snow finally quit.  We're really having winter in February this year.  Here's a picture I shared with my mostly nice older brother who enjoys living a climate where he sees palm trees in his back yard.  And no, in case you are wondering, that's not a ticket on the dash.  And no, I wasn't about to hit that truck.
I read this week that one of the highest sources of hidden sodium is in store-bought bread.  Chalk up another reason for making your own!  

I also read that if you stick your phone in a short glass (make sure it's empty!), it will amplify the sound if you are listening to Pandora.

Vladimir Putin came to the door last night.  Actually, it was his twin.  I was nearly startled.  Vladimir's son was selling cookie dough for his baseball team and referred to the dough as "pucks".  Not a great selling point, but I bought some anyway because he was cute.  And he had a father that looked like Vladimir.  

This week, our mid-week meeting is on Thursday.  It is amazing how much our lives revolve around knowing which day it is because of when the meeting is.  I realize I have a tendency to be confused.  But having kids off of school on Monday and having our mid-week be on a Thursday... well.  It's been challenging for my small brain.

Nothing else.  I need to go to the pet store and pick up some more vittles for Lisi.  I keep telling her I'm going to sell her to the lowest bidder pretty soon the way dog food prices are skyrocketing.  She just looks at me with her sweet, brown eyes and I change my mind.

This was at my feet this morning while reading...  another long winter's nap.

Here's a few 'funnies' I enjoyed this week.


  1. Our Tuesday night meetings are keeping me confused on what day it is!

  2. Have you ever checked out dog food on amazon? Depending on what kind with subscribe and save and free shipping to your door it might be cheaper. I do sometimes...of course the kids are really disappointed that the huge box the ups man brought only has dog food in it.

  3. We are having Tuesday night meetings right now too, and so I'm confused also :P My kids would say "it doesn't take much...." haha