Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Windy Words

Engine, engine number 9

going down Chicago line
if the train goes off the track
do you want your money back
Yes, no, maybe so.
Y-E-S spells yes and you are not it"

One of my daughters said that was what we were doing yesterday and started to quote it.  .  Going down Chicago line.  Yes indeed we were.  But the train didn't get off the track.  And we spent the money and didn't get any money back.  However, it was a dandy time!  

We clickety-clacked down to the Windy City (which wasn't all that windy).  We first headed to the Willis Tower because we wanted to do this:

Our cautious oldest daughter thinking this would be fun...  
And got some sights of this:

Then we hopped a city bus to go shopping:
Be still my heart.  These girls were wonderful shoppers and sweetness all mixed up in one pretty package.
Completely age-appropriate footwear

American Girl window shopping

And... coming out of door #1 and #2...

We shopped and ate and walked and ate and walked and ate and then the train took us back home under the beauty of an orange moon over Lake Michigan.  I'd post a beautiful picture of it, but I didn't take one.

So there you have it. A 12-hour venture with friends.  I'm so glad we went to make some memories.  Now I think I'll muse on another post...


  1. How very fun! A day away, friends & shopping. I can enjoy that kind of a shopping trip. My day yesterday was pretty blah. A 40 mi. car trip by myself, searching for something I couldn't find & not many choices. Ugg. Not so much.

  2. What a special day you had. And those 'glass tower' pix still drop the bottom out of my stomach! But it's quite fantastic, really, that you took the opportunity to do that!