Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thursdays thoughts

Southampton, England stopped by.  They were 'Googling' the term "feet tickle".  I'm not sure why it brought them here.  I don't ever remember talking about tickling.  Much less, your feet.  Besides, I don't like tickling. At all.  I think it's mean.  One time as a child I was tickled a bit too long.  It turns from fun into torture in about 3.4 seconds.  And so I didn't tickle the MYP.  And I intervened if someone else tried it.  Go ahead and tickle all you want.  But not with me or mine.  Thank you.  

I know we are to not like foods that are bad for you.  But I have a confession.  I had a "Limited Edition" Mega Stuf Oreo.  Wow.  Yum.  I'm glad they are gone.   I like Lucky Charms too.  Bad me... 

So my bragging rights are over.  We have succumbed to sickness.  Daughter #1 came down with a fever and sore throat yesterday.  So she got to spend the day watching me feverishly clean the house while she ran her fever.  But the fever broke and the house was soon clean.  So off she went to school today.  That my friends, has been the extent of the illness here.

Our state has lost a dear lady.  I didn't know them all that well, but know the family and see them all every fall for sure and sometimes in between.  I was trying to think of how to describe this wife, mother, and friend.  All I could think of was 'quiet sweetness'.  I often wished that described me.  

So the other day, two of the MYP and I marched into the orthodontist office promptly at 4:00.  It was brimming with patients.  The receptionist looks up at me.  "your appointment was for 3:15, remember?  We changed it when you called a week ago."  The MYP went slinking out pretending they had never met me before.  I stammered and apologized and said I completely forgot the change.  She made another appointment for 3:15 and I took my card, picked the last of my dignity off the floor and shuffled my way out the door.  I'm hoping when the time comes I don't think the appointment is at 4:00 again...

Here's a couple quotes I've enjoyed.  I'm not sure why, but here you go.
~ Kindness is difficult to give away because it keeps coming back.

~ Be kind.  For everyone we meet is fighting a battle we know nothing of.

Another storm is brewing west of here.  More snow.  More blow.  More winter.

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  1. I HATE TICKLING. I feel bad for those that are tickled that can only giggle uncontrollably, because it is deceiving. I don't giggle, I kick and scream. And I don't let people tickle others around me, and I didn't tickle my kids.