Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thursday's Thoughts

Happy V's Day!  Since I like to live on the edge, I'll post this in red.  I'm not a romantic.  Valentine's Day isn't my favorite holiday.  I think it probably is Thanksgiving.  That probably tells you something about me.  

The Chairman, however, is the more sensitive, kind, and complimentary of our two-some.  He often will say, 'that was a really good thus-and-such for supper.  You looked nice today!  I like your hair that way (he often says it when it feels really messy).  I need to be more like that.  Not the messy hair.  Being nice.

I was thinking this morning of reading the newspaper over breakfast approximately 20 years ago on V's Day and seeing my name along with my two single roommates in a Valentine's Post wishing us a happy day.  A very happily married man posted it because he thought we needed cheering on a day like that.  Thoughtful?  Very much so.

The Chairman was out of town yesterday for work and so the MYP and I were sitting around the table having a discussion about many, many things.  It was almost like a channel surfing conversation.  One comment did make me laugh.  You know the term 'helicopter parent'?  Well one of the MYP said I was like an 'airplane parent'.  I go about letting them make their own choices, but then I will come zooming in and drop a bomb and go off again if something doesn't seem right.  It was honestly quite accurate.  

Another had a question about engagements.  I told them oftentimes, and engagement can last nine months up to a year.  One seriously asked me, 'can you see the other person during that time?'.  Um.  I hope so!  

I have a nephew that is turning 27 today.  He means a very lot to me.  But I think he means more to a lot of other people.  Happy birthday to you N!

I posted a video on FB of the two furry friends having a good wrestle on this Valentine's morn.  For some reason I can't upload it to Blogger... so if you want to see it, I guess you have to be my friend!

A couple things that I enjoyed this week..  

I think I'm thought out... on this Thursday.  

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  1. I like the airplane parent comment--haha! Loving that bottom comic too. Right on!