Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Musings

I mentioned awhile back that I love winter.  I love winter sports.  I love the cool, crisp, clean air that winter brings to your face when out on an energetic walk.  But this is my blog and I'm entitled to change my opinion.  I'm now weary of winter.  I'm ready for sunshine and summer and sweat.

I don't look like that lady in the white bathing suit with the toned arms and legs, a flower between her big toe with a floppy hat.  I'm hoping my new found exercise on the elliptical will help.  I doubt it.

I started to drink green tea.  I bought some Tazo something or other.  It tastes a bit like lawnmower residue steeped in hot water.

Lest any of you get the false impression that it is all rainbows and kindness and sweetness around here.  The MYP were all at each other before supper.  So I said 'Excuse Me!'.  Then said 'no talking until dad gets home since you can't say anything nice!'.  The silence was awesome.  I soaked it up for the full 24 seconds until my love walked in the door.  But it did change the mood.

We are seeing lots of this
and this these days.
Hand stand competitions.  I never could do them.

This one wants these:

Glasses.  What she really needs is to be thankful for 20/20.

I had a mall date with this one this weekend.  It was nice.
Yesterday I had a humiliating moment.  You see we have two wonderful ladies here that are our shepherds.  They were called to preach, but not necessarily to sing.  I was called upon to sing, because I wasn't called to preach.  So about every other week I hold a mic and lead the group.  Yesterday I got started and about four notes into the hymn, was an e-flat.  My vocal chords thought that was a bit high for them and nothing came out.  Then they decided to do their thing and it did come out after a pregnant pause.  Ugh.  I carried on.  But felt like pushing the off button, slinking low in my chair and calling it a day.

Today is my grandma's birthday!  I would call her up and tell her how much she means to me if I could.  I would tell her how much I loved her pies.  How much I loved walking around looking at her flowers.  I would tell her how much I loved her teaching me how to crochet.  I would tell her how much I appreciate her working tirelessly to teach me the multiplication table when I would have rather gone off to play.  I would tell her how much I loved seeing her 'josh' with grandpa, yet loving him deeply.  I would tell her how much I loved hearing her stories about her very hard childhood with a father that died when she was only four and how her mother struggled to make a living with three little ones.  I would tell her how much I'm thankful she made such good choices as a young person that influenced her life and mine.  "shall we be missed though by others succeeded, reaping the fields that in springtime have sown".  Yes, we do miss her.  But we are yet benefiting from her efforts.

Must move on from musing....  


  1. Your Miss 20/20 has a partner here at this house. She tried on the cutest glasses a couple days ago, but we forgot to take a picture.

  2. My youngest wanted glasses quite badly too. Ironically when I took her in to have them checked, she needed them quite badly also!
    Sure glad you mused today, I enjoyed it!

  3. With you in the "missing dept." My IA mama and very dear friend. My mentor when our kids were little. A couple to look up to and chuckle with. My phone has been strangely silent, but my heart is full of thankfulness. Special post, little grandaughter. (the one they liked to get a reaction from! :))

  4. my mom used to let me wear glasses with no glass in them cuz i wanted them so bad. well, now i need them but can never find my reading ones and i think i might actually need more permanent ones but don't take the time to go to the eye guy...soon..cuz i'm having problems reading what i'm writing here. hope it's not too bad.