Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Talking on Tuesday

Yes, that's me.  I'm sorry.  I'm sorry for letting you down.  No Monday Musings.  Do you know why?  I.  Well.  I.  Simply forgot.  I kept thinking I should pause my day and muse, but then there never was a good time.  Before I knew it, it was 10:30 and I went to bed.  One of my last thoughts drifting to slumberland was "I didn't muse!".

Maybe it was because I don't have much.  Life is cruising along in a very predictable way.  The Chairman is working reasonable hours.  The MYP are not causing any stir when they come home.  Just talking over a snack, an occasional basketball game for son #1 (a win yesterday I might add), and suppertime and sharing at the round table.  The cat and dog are thriving - although I wish Simba was more of an outside cat than inside these days.  He's thinking life is pretty sweet indoors.  Maybe I shouldn't have bought this:
Yes.  It's a little kitty hammock you stick to a window.  I wish they had one in my size.  I'd put it way up high where no one could reach me.

I was in a store the other day.  A lady (who looked a bit down on her luck in life) checked out in front of me.  She handed the cashier a plastic card.  The cashier said, 'debit or credit?'.  The lady replied, 'what the difference?'.  Oh boy.

Notes of gratitude.  It takes just a few moments.  You can pen one on a note card and mail it.  You can e-mail it at times.  People love to receive appreciation.  Even I do.  Last week, daughter #2 was getting ready for bed and she kept snickering and smiling and finally she just had to say it.  "Mrs. W is so great.  She's the best teacher I ever had.  I know I say it every year, but this year I really mean it.  She makes learning so fun that when it is time to take the test you just know what the answer is.  Today she was Queen Elizabeth!  She got up on a desk and had her feet way sideways like this with her hands clasped and it was soooo funny. " So do you know what I did?  I went down to the computer and typed up almost verbatim what she said to Mrs. W.  The response was equal to what I'd get if I gave her a $50 gift card to her favorite store.  It isn't just teachers.  It is to your family.  Your friend.  A sad soul.  Tell them you care.  I'm just beginning at middle-age to understand this.  I wish I knew how to do it better.

I'd tell you this past weekend we skied again, but that's getting tedious.  I did shoot a picture of a ski bunny warming by the fire though...

And that's all folks....


  1. Oh for a teacher that would teach and have fun like that. DD2 doesn't have that priv. this year and it's been frustrating. Ready for June in more ways than one this year!! :) And the hammock looks delightful, I could truly use one too!!

  2. The last few days I've been "thinking" I should send off a few notes to some people who have touched my heart, a few who are in my thoughts. Thank you for the encouragement to do just that.

  3. Wow, Talking on Tuesday is as good as Musing on Monday!

  4. I enjoyed the Tuesday talk too since we missed Monday! Ah well...I was busy on Monday anyway! ;) And thanks, such a good reminder that a note, a word of thanks is just always so nice!