Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thinking Thursday Thoughts

Do any of you parents want to guarantee you will be faced with very grumpy children in the morning?  You do?  Well then do what I did last night.  I brightly told them as I tucked them in that there was a higher than 50% chance that there would be a snow day today.  Don't bother in setting your alarm!  You might as well sleep in.  Then the call never came.  School was on.  With fear and trepidation, I trudged up the stairs to wake their sleepy heads.  Grumpy I say.  Grumpy!  We are getting a lot of snow today.  But apparently, the buses still are running.

The other night I was out on a walk and the temperature was extremely cold.  Like crunchy-snow-under-your-feet cold with a brisk wind.  For some reason I distinctly started to remember a very warm, fuzzy thought from my childhood.  You see I had a neighbor friend I loved to go spend time with.  It was a large family (six or seven kids, I can't remember).  Then the call would come.  Send Linda home.  And I'd go trudging across the open fields back to our house.  I could see the lights.  I could almost feel the warmth before I entered.  And I would be wondering what mom had made for supper.  It was a cozy feeling.  Supper.  Around the table with my family.  My mom wasn't a gourmet cook.  She didn't try anything very extreme.  But supper was always on the table.  Always.  It filled the belly and warmed the soul.  It seems the longer you live, the more you appreciate a good childhood.

But don't go thinking my parents are nice and decent people.  You see we have been in a cold/snow cycle for some weeks now.  They go flying off and send pictures like this from Hawaii.
"Oh by the way, this is the view from our little deck."  Sadistic people I tell you...  

I've been exercising!  We have an elliptical that is in the basement.  I've successfully avoided it for several years now.  But the other night I got to thinking if I just hopped on for 15 or 20 minutes it might help me out. I still don't like any part of exercising on a stationary machine.  I decided if you feel like life is passing you by too quickly, just hop on one of those exercise thingys and time will stand still.  Lucky for me I discovered a comedy channel on Pandora.  A clean one mind you.  And it is funny.  So that helps squander away the seconds minutes while I sweat away a pound or three.  

Blog books #2 and 3 are ordered and are on their way!  I wonder if I should build shelves for my new library.

Don't tell the MYP.  I made Special K bars with a hodge-podge of leftover cereal.  They'll be none the wiser.  And you can't even tell through the gooey-sweetness that the cereal was almost stale.

My thoughts are through.  Whew!


  1. I've made puppy chow with whole wheat chex...don't tell my kids.

    (And with other cereal)

    Another good place to hide cereal is bread.

  2. We had dinner with your parents on tuesday...the day we left Maui and headed back to frozen tundraville...the dinner was fab and the view out the windows was to die a tropical plantation..

  3. Can you clue us in as to that clean comedy Pandora station?? I'm needing some incentive to get back to my mini trampoline that occupies a corner of our bedroom. You'd think it would be a simple thing to just jump onto it for 5 or 8 minutes a day, especially since I nearly trip over it every time I pass by, which is often. Errgh.