Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday Musings

Not real catchy post title, but that's what it is.  

Today is this lady's birthday:
That would be my mom.  She's the one that brought me into this world.  She kept me clean and fed and nurtured and encouraged and strengthened.  She's been a righteous example of a mother in every sense of the word.  Often during a mothering moment of decision, I think, 'what would mom do?'.  I'm thankful for an example that taught me how to love, nurture, give, and have a good time all the while.  Happy Birthday Mom!

Speaking of mothers.  The MYP and I were having a discussion the other day.  They keep asking me when I'll be their friend.  I've been pondering that. Right now, I don't think I am their friend.  Why you ask?  Well they have lots of friends.  But they only have one mother.  So I need to be what they don't have elsewhere.  Oh sure, we will talk and share secrets and have a lot of fun doing this and that.  But in time when they grow and make wise choices and are stable adults, I'll gladly become a friend.  But for now, I'm too busy being '"mom".  

I had a wonderful walk with our only son the other night.  During the conversation he talked about a friend's family that had done lots of genealogy work and they could trace their roots back to Jesse James or someone important and special.  Then he went on to say how we should do that so he could know our family and who was famous in it.  I didn't give it a second thought until later that night.  This son was grafted into our family tree.  I felt thankful and humble that it doesn't matter to him or me on how the family tree grows, the fruit is the same.  

I read yet another article on a guy that was going to be put to death.  Almost without fail, they write what his choices were for his last meal.  For some reason, that's always interesting to me.  I'm not sure why.  It seems so macabre.  I wonder what in the world I'd choose?  Probably a dozen doughnuts since I wouldn't have to worry about them going straight to my belly fat.  

Well that's all I have to offer up on this Tuesday.  A HUGE pile of laundry awaits.  A new router needs to be set up.  An incredibly jealous dog (of the cat) needs walking.  And I need to buy some bananas.  Happy Tuesday!


  1. Lovely tribute to your Mom on her birthday!
    I know I didn't necessarily consider my Mom my friend till after those growing up years...though I always loved her, but in my mind she was just my Mom, and then, yes, later...your mother becomes one of your very BEST friends.

  2. Thanks, Linda. I'm still Mom but I know our roles do change as we get older. Its a different kind of relationship of sharing and friendship. It is all very special and so are you. Love, Mom

  3. Why do I not just read blogs every day anymore? I don't know...but I don't. And then they collect and I put it off even longer. And this was, as yours always are, a special post. Your mom's birthday! That sweet conversation with your son!
    And I, too, have reached the age where my mom is perhaps my best friend. Someone I am intensely protective of now, whose love I value and don't look forward to living without. xo