Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Musings

It's a thrill every spring.  The first robin.  I usually call out to whomever is near.  "LOOK!  A ROBIN!!!".  This year the family looked mildly curious.  It is a thrill.  We have survived winter.  To me, the robin is the first sign of spring.  They think there will soon be worms.  However, I think they jump the gun a bit.  It's still cold with some snow on the ground.  Do they come back earlier than necessary to get dibs on the nicest tree or the cutest red-breast?  I dunno.  If I were a robin, I'd still be down south another month.  This is a picture taken on the first day of spring before our walk.  Yes, it was that cold...

Cats.  Love them or hate them.  I thought they were completely independent creatures when we took the responsibility of another pet.  And actually they are when they want to be.  However, our indoor/outdoor cat has an internal time mechanism that rivals the atomic clock.  At precisely 6:37 am the soft meow begins outside our bedroom door.  If I don't get up immediately, I see an extended arm and paw come under the door feeling to see if someone is nearby.  It was cute the first couple times.  Now, especially on a Saturday morning, it is very annoying.  Then I get all soft again when I walk into our bedroom just now and see this on the floor...

I proudly tell people that I don't mind the MYP growing up.  I am embracing the change and am enjoying them become young people.  However, my heart skipped a half-beat when we were walking past the boy department and straight into men's to find the newest pair of dress pants, shirt, and tie.  He's turning into a young man.  Sniff.  Boo.  Wait.  I don't mind them growing up.  Or that's what I tell people...

Yesterday, we were at the Chairman's parents for dinner.  Along with us were his nieces and nephew and their children.  It had been years since we were together like that.  I forgot to do a dressed up picture, here is how the grandchildren and greats all looked after a few hours.

Then there's this picture:
It makes my eyes glisten.  You see both of these boys came into their families by the same circumstance.  Ours took a tremendous interest in his new little cousin.  He held him and fed him and rocked him and loved on him.  He knows 'that was him' almost 13 years ago.  A little new person.  A little soul.  Brought into a family because of a desperate love and need for a son.  I love seeing new little babies and have always loved being around them.  It is a joy.  But babies that are adopted into their families.  Well that takes it to a different level.  I think it is called rejoicing.


  1. Lovely for that family to have a long awaited son. And I didn't mind my kids growing up, until they were teens, and then when the last one talks of going.

  2. I think this is why I let your blog go so long- because I know I'll want to comment on every post and I don't always have the time...or I don't have the energy or something.
    That 'Chairman's Family' pic- Love. Brought some tears to my eyes- those kids are dear to me. Hadn't heard about N's little one and that was such good news! And then there's that other precious little family. And that precious young man. I'm getting all mushy here.
    And- Simba is lucky he's not meowing by my door at 6.37 am. Oh my. heh.

  3. I'm glad your kids have cousins- (on both sides)! That really is a special picture. And love the one of Grandma and Granddaughter, too. The looks on their faces is sweet.