Monday, June 7, 2010

And down she went...

The big lady that is. You thought you heard the last of me. I know the big lady that yells but loves me anyway would prefer it that way. No stories = good behavior right? Well sure. But that's not interesting.

Today was a bit on the dull side for me. You see there are some special people in our house right now and so I'm mostly banished to the back yard. I just don't get why I have to stand out on the deck looking in when they're eating all that good-smelling food. And the big lady mutters something about me tracking dirt in the house. So it was boooooring today. The big lady and the little girl here (that loves me!) took me for a delightful walk tonight. Then it got boring again until after they ate their supper (with me again looking in from the outside... sigh). But then! The big lady who I dearly love even though she yells came out. She raked some grass the mower left behind and was working in her garden. And look! Here comes my friend Phoenix and her big guy! You see Phoenix is a dog just like me and we love to see each other nearly nightly when she goes by on her walks. Her big guy leans over and lets her loose from that dreadful leash. And then! We tore around like ninnies for a moment and then CRASH! Right into the big lady that yells! It was horrible. Neither of us thought about her standing there and we took her out like nothing. Shoes were flying and then I heard an 'oof' and then a moan and saw her body splayed out on the grass. I was expecting some shrieking in anger but there was only silence. I trotted over and tried to cheer her up with a lick, but she swatted at my head (imagine!). And then she sloooowly got up and said something about hearing bones crackle like at the kyropractor or however you spell that word. The big guy that came with Phoenix was standing there and apologizing for our behavior. Kind as she is, the big lady said to not worry about it.

But now she is walking slowly like something hurts. And she said something about needing an appointment to crack it back where it belongs. But more importantly, she still hasn't yelled at me. I feel bad. No wait a minute. I don't. I'm a dog. I don't even remember this story. We live in the present. So I better quit now since I don't remember what I'm talking about.


  1. Lisi,
    You are beginning to sound alot like "Hank the Cowdog"!! An alabi for your behaviors...keep up with the stories, the big lady does ♥-u and we like your antics!

  2. Uh oh... how you feeling, big lady that yells? Been to the chiro yet? Get better soon, please.

  3. Lisi- shame on you. There- I said it! And I'm a Lisi fan!