Thursday, June 17, 2010

She calls Kentucky home...

My sweet niece that is. And that is where her heart is. We're sorry it is so far, but she's blooming where planted. She's cooking like a pro. Helping others without reserve.

I drove every last mile to the bluegrass state. My much older sister was the co-pilot. She offered twice to drive. I kept driving and she kept co-piloting and it worked well. Our only stop on the way down was approximately 13 minutes in one town. That was it. Pedal to the metal it was. But don't let the older folks like my sister fool you. You know how they say it's the 'younger generation' that's so into technology? Well this much older sister of mine has her thumb on the pulse of many. Her phone chirped countless times with new wonderful text messages from friends and family. I think mine beeped maybe 3 times. Hmmm.

Ahhh Kentucky. You think of bluegrass. We saw a lot of the floral and fauna of the area. B-U-T-ful to say the least. I love green and green it is. Blue hydrangeas love the area and I love blue hydrangeas.

Then you think of horses. Ironically, the only horses I saw was the backside of two in a horse trailer careening down the interstate at approximately 65 mph (we passed them like they were standing still... well not quite, but almost). We went to a huge race track thingy. Lots and lots of stables. But not even a horse pile to give evidence that there are horses. Must not be the time of year for them. Or moreso, we weren't at the right place. But that's ok!

We were recipients of warm hospitality. The warmth came easy. It was 92 with high humidity. Just the way I like it. The people in general were lovely. The people we 'know' were beyond lovely.

At mile 480 today after I left my much older sister off and I was 'done' driving. But I had to keep on keeping on in order to get home to the Chairman who missed me and I him, the charmed dog who thumps her tail right now at mere sight of me, and our home and gardens - not to mention some weeds that felt it was their opportunity to grow quickly.

And now we still miss our dear boy. Comfort is given with his e-mails that come with just a few words which I read over and over. Today's was his birthday cake request for Sunday (his exact words)"vinnila anglel food cake with raspberries and whip cream". Eagles were spotted. Yesterday his count of loons was at 13. He's thriving. Enjoying it all. And not missing us apparently. The 'mommy' in me feels a teensy-weensy bit sorry. The mother in me is content that he's becoming his own person. And I'll soon need to let go... and if I do with kindness and encouragement, he'll return to visit. To share. And to love.

So that's it for now! Just some Thursday's thoughts. I'll post some pictures of the aforementioned lovely niece, but for now, the 1000 words will have to do.


  1. How NICE to take a trip with your much older sis! You like it hot, huh? Wouldn't happen to be related to a favorite of mine, would you???

  2. I'm thinking there's hints of a lovely & also special time with sis there too.
    Have I mentioned how much I just enjoy hearing little pieces of your thoughts & days? Makes me smile.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. heavy accent, of course, on the 'older' part of that relationship!

    I'm glad Lisi's tail was wagging- hope it still is!

    I don't think I've yet to see a live loon- lucky T!