Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday's (random) Thoughts

So they left. For just 1/2 day. Seems kinda goofy really. Like babysitting. They brought the entire contents of their desks home yesterday. The mudroom is FULL of papers, things, miscellaneous garbage treasures to keep. Until I find them some day and throw them away. Remember I don't like clutter? Still holds true. Looked at their 1st day of school picture. And the one from this morning. They change in just 9 months. We don't see it, but time has its way of causing growth and change. Sometimes I want to freeze moments. But we can't. We can only try to record a memory on a memory chip and hold the thought in our heart. I think that's schmaltzy enough.

I hurt. Like a lot. Like it feels like I was in a mild car accident. When the dogs leveled me a knee level, I fell hard on my left side with my arm outstretched (according to two young female eyewitnesses). I think I wrenched my shoulder or something. But I won't go see the chiro until the swelling goes down a bit. I think a massage might be in order before long too.

But I'm making bread! A lot of bread. With my new Bosch. I like familiar. So this new glossy machine honestly scared the willies out of me. But I've done three different batches of recipes and all turned out. So! It's a winner! And six loaves at a time isn't anything to sneeze at either. I could do even more at a time too! One thing I was completely unaware is that you eliminate one full rise. So you can have bread start to finish in about one hour! Weird, eh?

The nest has eggs again on the front wreath. I think I mentioned knocking the first nest down after the babies flew the coop. But two days later I heard the familiar sounds of very happy house finches and they were again building. Last peek I saw two small white eggs and two bigger ones with brown speckles. What's that mean? It looks like different birds laid them. Did some mom decide she'd rather have Mrs. House Finch raise her babies and not her? Sounds like Horton Hatches the Egg if you ask me.

I'm still feeling melancholy about son #1 heading far away. You see ever since our babies came I've been a sometimes too protective mother bear. Sure they could go to this or that friend's house. For a night. Or Grandpa or Grandma's. But after two days, I'm ready to see them. Our children. Fights and all. This time aforementioned son is leaving for 8 days. Makes my throat feel all full and my tummy squeezy. My baby boy. Gone this long. He'll have a very good time. But I know there'll be a sad moment or two and I won't be there to cheer him up. To tell him to just go eat something. Or to go to bed and then it'll feel better. So he'll survive (and probably thrive). And I will too. But already I can't wait until he gets back home and he hasn't left yet.

We had some special visitors here. A couple good Scrabble games. And good visits around the table. We are fortunate to have them. And fortunate for a plan for them to stay with us. They are more 'ours' when it is this way. And because I have some in the family that are doing the same, it feels like it is something I can do for 'them' when I do something for 'these'.

The family posted is from CO. Many of you would know them. The Mr. of the family is really family... I've known him almost all my life. He is the twin of my sister-in-law. The Mrs. has become a friend after they married. Our children are stepping stones between each other. And it was nice to have them here - head wound and all. The boy with glasses looks no worse for the wear does he?

This is enough! Happy summer vacation!


  1. Nice to catch up here! I can sympathize with you on the aches & pains. I went down not so long ago--on my laundry room floor, flat on the palms of my hands, jarred my shoulder/neck area bad. 2x to the chiro, massage, great treatments including acupuncture & I'm all better. Pretty much undid me for a while tho.