Monday, June 28, 2010

Stream of babble...

If you are a blogspot person, did you know there's a new layout thingy to use?  Don't ask me how I found it, but it's got some different features.  Haven't used a one yet, but will look into it sometime.  I did try for a more 'summery' look though.  Some new templates to choose from.

Summer 'vacation' is a myth for mom's.  At least in this house.  We have three very social children that feel their little beings will wilt up and pass on if they don't have a 'plan' or a friend over.  This area is blessed with kids our kids' ages.  And so they had someone different here nearly every day last week (or we went somewhere).  They do rally to get their jobs done so they can have 'fun'.  And really, that's what summer is about when you're a kid in this age group.  Sunshine.  A few balls or bubbles.  Swimming.  Popsicles.  And finish it all off with some good ghost in the graveyard.

After a nice meal out with some friends and my parents last night, our son asks, 'why are the burgers so small lately?'.  Um.  They're not.  You just have a bigger empty space to fill.  And I realize it is just starting with him.  Yow!

But it's quiet.  About 20 years ago when I was single, I was alone a lot.   Then love struck and I wanted to be with the Chairman.  Then when he was gone to work and I was home from my p.t. job it was quiet and I didn't like it.  So Lincoln joined us.  That very sweet golden retriever was a joy.  But I still yearned for the pitter pat of little feet.  And they came... soon six feet were pattering.  And it was rarely quiet.  Once in awhile I would let my mind wander (easy to do if you're me) and would picture myself completely alone on a beach in a hammock with 80 degree weather and a light breeze.  Alone.  So moments like this when I am alone are nice.  One is with a set of grandparents.  The other two are at a fun summer school thing.  Just for awhile.  Then I miss them.  My family.  And the noise is nice again.

Mira was alarmed in our mtg. yesterday.  You see one of the men in our mtg. was using a pen in his bible!  It seemed so very naughty and shocking so she wrote me a note about it.  I'm not sure what she wanted me to do about it.  But I told her it was ok as long as it was his own bible and not someone else's.

The weather looks just ideal this week.  We've had rain.  Lots of thunderstorms.  Like nearly every night.  And it is lush and green with full ponds.  I love it.  I could live in a swamp.  And now sunshine is in store.

Will put up a few pictures of the yard... just so I remember if nothing else.  The gopher was lying by the feeder feeling a bit blick.  So the kids went out and fed him some grass.  Loved him up.  Then T. shot him in the head when it was all over.  Major ick.  But he was sick.


  1. The flowers are gorgeous.
    The weather suits the dog now.
    What a dark comedy was the life of that gopher. I snorted... out loud... ;)

  2. Ah! I write in my bible on occasion too--I've come across great little comment notes from what workers said about a certain verse. Lasts me way longer than old "notes"--and I decided I wanted my bible to be used--but no disrespect intended!!
    Happy Summer--your flowers are so pretty!

  3. I just BUSTED out laughing!!!!! That's the ticket . . . feed an animal, then shoot 'em in the head! Way to go, T-man!!

  4. Oooohhh - Ghost in the graveyard - that was one of my favorites as a kid. I think we called it bear around the house - and maybe something else too. I can't exactly remember anymore.

  5. When my kids saw me writing in my Bible, I told them it is okay since it is a workbook. I use pencil, though.