Monday, June 7, 2010

Mostly Monday

And maybe a few comments about another day. Just fired up the new Bosch Universal Mixer for the first time. Scares the willies out of me... something new you know. Will take awhile to get 'comfortable' with it. But it is lovely. Sound. Handles a lot. I can tell. But I need recipes. I threw in a variation of the Chairman's Bread recipe. But want others too if you've got 'em. Still not sure if I want to do the blender. Is it worth it?

Had our company from a couple states away. Three nice boys. Although one had a run to the urgent care after deciding his foot wanted to be in the front bike tire and then his body wanted to catapult over the handlebars. It could have been worse. But the blood gushing down his back made me nigh unto faint. Off to urgent care and he came back with a staple or two and a meek smile to show he was ok. (whew!).

And a graduation picnic for three local graduates. Nice kids they are... I'm quite impressed. But the parents are my age or younger. Times like that make me realize we are 'older parents' as we have some years before we are the ones stirring the pulled pork at the picnic.

I thought we did enough for nature. A successful raising up of five house finches on our front door. I removed the old nest, cleaned off the bird doo and wandered off. Then Saturday I hear the unmistakable flutter again. And they were back (assuming it is the same mom and dad) for round two. Another nest is now sitting there waiting for eggs. I haven't the heart to tear it down, but it is silly that our front door is a nursery. I frantically intercept people when they come so they can come in the side door. Hope no one is offended!

And after a frantic towel/sheet washing, we welcomed two special guests here in time for supper last night. Both carry the same name. We're happy they're here. Although I have to scratch my head to figure out what lunch will be.... that's usually the biggest challenge.

Better go see if the bread is rising.... and say all for now. Will post some pictures in a bit.

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  1. I'll see if I can get back to you with recipes. My sis-in-law has a few winners she uses. Although she usually carries them around in her head, so it's hard to pin her down for exact measurements. Women like me need exact measurements. :)