Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy #10!

Ten years old. Our 2000 baby. He was simply a gift. Still is.

His qualities: lover of fishing and
airsoft guns, sports of any kind,
helping out others,
caring for younger or less-privileged,
and most importantly, bugging the sisters he's sandwiched between.

He's been missing from our house for 8 very long days. It was quieter. Actually quite boring at times. You don't realize how much you miss someone until they're gone.

And today we celebrate him. We celebrate this milestone of hitting double digits. And we again give thanks for him, a son. A perfect gift that keeps on giving.

Happy Birthday T!


  1. Happy Bday T!!! Have a great summer!

  2. Happy Birthday, T. You look just perfectly happy holding that fish!!! Double digits for your birthday number. yeah. Hope your cake order was filled!!!