Friday, June 4, 2010


And lots of it! But we kinda like it that way. Niece S. brought her gigantic version of a golden retriever for a visit. Except for some time in the screen porch, the dogs spent their time wrestling themselves into a stupor in the back yard. Now we have a lovely family of five here from CO. I'm kinda-sorta related to them. Through marriage. But they feel like they really-truly are family since I've known the Mr. all of my life.

Today R. had a presentation to give on the state of... South Dakota! It was a random fluke that she actually got SD! But I was happy nonetheless.

The babies left. Baby birds that is. Yesterday they were here. Today they are gone. So I cleaned the 'recycled worms' off the front door. It wasn't as bad as I anticipated.

And so I must go and enjoy the weekend! I'm certain I will!

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